HILLSIDE, NJ- Logic Marketplace came to the Hillside community in 2017 with the goal to be more than just a convenience store, but rather a place where the community could come to network and feel empowered. Logic Marketplace enjoys partnering  with the community and serving local residents by severing as a resource to help residents who may need assistance with documents being translated, to networking and more. 

The owners of Logic Marketplace, Lorena and Diana have made it a goal to not only have customers support their business, but have reached out to the community to see, how Logic Market can also support their efforts.

“Business is a matter of human service, we connect with residents regardless of color, age, gender, etc… We want to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and safe to be themselves. Our goal is to make sure residents feel safe and understand that we are one big happy family.”

Lorena Vilaro and Diana Torres- Owners of Logic Market