HILLSIDE, NJ - Elena Dejesus of the Paint and Chill Art Studio in Hillside, NJ was among the others interviewed during Rutgers Avenue Park’s clean-up. She emotionally expressed that as a mother, she doesn’t want to leave behind a community that will hinder her children in the future. She also mentions that when she goes on walks with her three-year-old daughter through Rutgers Avenue Park, she does her part to throw away trash and has begun noticing others doing the same. Dejesus orchestrated this Community Clean-Up as a sign of her commitment to the betterment of the Township Hillside.

You never know how impactful something can be until you’re a part of it, or it’s gone.” – Andrea Hyatt 

These impactful words came from First Ward Council Women Andrea Hyatt when reflecting on this past week’s clean-up of Rutgers Ave Park. She stated that seeing Hillside residents actively involved in finding solutions in their community brought her a sense of hope and helped to instill pride in Hillside residents