Expert Head Lice Removal Service in New Jersey.  Offering a safe and effective head lice removal treatment for your entire family. Our lice treatment products are natural and non-toxic. We guarantee to eliminate your family's head lice & nits in just one visit. We are the head lice removal experts in NYC.  If you are looking for the experts in lice removal, call Lice Free Noggins.

We service all phases of head lice removal for children and adults: Head Lice Removal, Louse Removal, Nit Removal, Head Lice Screening, School & Camp Head Lice Screenings, In-Home Head Lice Treatments, Lice Prevention, Lice Education & Awareness.

At Lice Free Noggins, the safety and well-being of our employees and customers has always been our first priority. In today’s challenging environment we wanted to take a moment to share additional measures we are taking to ensure the health of the community we serve. It is our goal to ensure that all technicians and families remain safe and healthy. Cleanliness and disinfection has always been our priority and even more so now!

Lice Free Noggins only provides in-home lice treatment service, the safest option during the Coronavirus pandemic. Coming into a head lice salon with your entire family who may not even have lice is during this pandemic is unnecessary. A Lice Free Noggins technician will come to you! We send only one person at a time to your home.