HOLMDEL, N.J. - Holmdel is a town that is proud of its open space, parkland and scenic vistas. However, as towns across the state try to  work out solutions for their affordable housing obligations, Holmdel is no exception.  

The Holmdel Township Committee is long known for its efforts to preserve open space and stop the rampant overdevelopment that so many towns have had to endure. They are also faced with the same statutory obligations as all other towns. So, a potential of at least 450 new housing units (a blend of market rate and affordable) is on the agenda to address their housing quotas for low to moderate income  housing in the next few years.

A 'Fair Share Housing Agreement Draft Discussion' is slated for Tuesday, August 8th, according to the agenda.

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On their agenda: http://www.holmdeltownship-nj.com/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_08082017-360 the Township Committee is considering approval of a program to address their 'Third Round Compliance'.The measures are, in large part, a result of ongoing litigation since 2015 with an affordable housing advocacy group.

The Township Committee is utilizing a number of creative approaches to obtain credit for their affordable housing obligations. This includes utilizing credit for group homes, health care facilities and extending existing credits and deed restrictions for current affordable homes.

Housing developments proposed:

  1. North Beers Street - 150 Unit townhouse and garden apartments with a 20% affordable housing set aside
  2. Middle Road - 50 housing units with a 20% set aside
  3. Palmer Avenue - 50 housing units with a 20% set aside
  4. Route 35 - 170 housing units with 26 affordable units
  5. Lucent - 34 affordable units on site or offsite.

The related impacts for Holmdel schools and Police, Fire and First Aid are not clear at this time. 

For complete details, see the agenda on the Holmdel Township Web Site or attending the meeting on Tuesday night at Town Hall at 7:30 P.M.