"We want to talk about her and hear about her. We want to say and hear her name" Denise Wunderler Savino

HOLMDEL, N.J. - A Special Letter to Readers from the Family of Vienna Carly Savino:

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We would like to introduce our darling Vienna Carly Savino. Our healthy daughter was 2 years 9 months 3 weeks old when she died suddenly and unexpectedly on 11-12-17 in Holmdel.  January 19, 2018 would have been her 3rd birthday. 

Vienna was a fun, free-spirited, silly, beautiful girl, who loved to pretend to read, sing, dance, explore various fashion choices, help her friends at school, and play with her family. She always had a smile to share with a loving, caring heart. She was a ray of sunshine to all those fortunate to have met her.

We are so grateful for the support and love given to us from the community since her passing. Especially with being new to the area, we were very moved by our neighbors, new friends, old friends, acquaintances, and strangers who made themselves known to us, who were willing to help in all ways. We are thankful for our babysitter, The Holmdel Police Department, The Holmdel First Aid Squad,  MONOC paramedics, and Bayshore Hospital Staff, who we believe did their best to try and save our daughter.

We were 1 hour away from home at a wedding when she passed away.  On our way home from the wedding, we received the call from our babysitter that she was not breathing and paramedics were on their way.   The police and paramedics attempted to resuscitate her for nearly 45 minutes at home, then transported her to our local hospital.  We met them at the hospital, where Vienna was pronounced dead at 8:05pm.  



Her autopsy found nothing that would cause her demise. So now we are left with no explanation of why she died except SUDC, Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood. Most often, these seemingly healthy children, ages 1-18, go to sleep and never wake up. The SUDC Foundation has helped us out tremendously in many ways since 11-12-17, and we are very thankful for the free services they provide to our family.
Medically, she had a remote history of febrile seizures.  She had 2 simple febrile seizures and 2 complex febrile seizures (occurring in 1 day) over the course of six months in 2016.  Her last febrile seizure was 15 months before her death.   Since then she had her fair share of low grade fevers from being exposed to common childhood viruses in a daycare environment, and they all resolved uneventfully.

On the morning of November 12th, 2017, she had a low grade fever, which resolved with some ibuprofen.   The rest of the day, she was eating well, playing with her older sister and brother, and by all accounts of our babysitter, doing well.  She took a longer than usual nap lasting about 3 hours, but awoke fine, ate dinner, and continued to play with her siblings.   Around 6:40 pm, she lay down on the floor in our family room, and when our babysitter checked on her about 10 minutes later, she did not seem to have a pulse and was not breathing. 

I have my various projects to help with my grieving: Vienna flowers, Vienna books, Team Vienna shirts, and Team Vienna. I'm trying to make something positive out of this unimaginable tragedy.  I am trying to absorb the fact that she is never coming back and want to carry on the "Vienna Effect" of sharing smiles, happiness, fun, living life, being present in the moment, and her ray of sunshine.  Our family will be leading “TEAM VIENNA” in her honor and to raise SUDC awareness, as we walk in the Run with the Royals 5K in Sea Bright, New Jersey, on Saturday, MAY 19, 2018, at 10am. https://runsignup.com/Race/NJ/SeaBright/RoyalsRun5K We would love if you could join us (adults, teens and children--all are welcome). However, if you are unable to come to Sea Bright, please consider walking in Vienna's honor on 19 May, and sending me a picture at TEAMVIENNA2018@YAHOO.COM. Pictures will be posted on Vienna’s website, http://sudc.org/vienna. Many friends/family will be walking in many states in the USA and in Spain and Israel so far, on the same day, at the same time if possible. Team Vienna shirts, sold to raise much needed funds for the SUDC Foundation (no federal funding), will be available online from Friday April 20 - Wednesday  May 2, 2018, at http://jerseyshoreapparel.com/teamvienna .

Please watch this powerful video in memory of children gone too soon; Vienna is at 1 minute 15 seconds, on the left.  Still can’t believe she is gone. http://sudc.org/sudc-facts/faces-of-sudc

If you are looking for a charity to donate to in Vienna’s memory, they are of course a very worthwhile cause (www.sudc.org/vienna). Through the Foundation, we learned about the SUDC research at NYU (in collaboration with Columbia and Mayo Clinic), in which we enrolled Vienna and ourselves.

If more people know about SUDC, and if a cause is discovered, maybe one day other parents won't go through the daily torture of having lost a healthy, young child for no reason. She was an amazing little girl. Thank you very much for reading this.

Please remember her. We want to talk about her and hear about her. We want to say and hear her name. We want to know that others have not forgotten about her in years to come. She will always be one of our 3 Vs.

Heartbroken but surviving;  Denise and Mike, Vienna’s big sister, Vienna’s big brother, and our Angel Vienna