HOLMDEL, N.J. - As Fate Would Have It...


Holmdel’s Nancy and Al Aloisi Share Their 44 Year Love Story and Tips for a Happy Marriage.

Al Aloisi is known to so many in Holmdel and Monmouth County.  Whether you know him as a Varsity tennis coach at Monmouth Regional High School, or perhaps you have heard and seen him playing the grand piano at Bell Works on the mornings of the monthly Holmdel Chamber of Commerce Meetings.  Or maybe you know him from his business; Al Aloisi Associates where he is an independent broker with a focus on life and health insurance. 

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Al also is a board member of the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce and he sits on the board of his homeowner’s association in Holmdel.  The list goes on; he’s an usher at St. Ann’s Church, has modeled for commercial work and he’s an accomplished pianist who performs for special events.  So many know Al, but there’s only one person who knows Al the best, and that’s the love of his life Nancy, his wife of 44 years. 

TAPinto Holmdel & Colts Neck met with Nancy and Al in their Holmdel home where it was truly a pleasure to see this couple so clearly in love and so comfortably close to one another that they often finish each other’s sentences. It’s a real love story and it’s a great one!    

It all started about 45 years ago when Al had to have a tooth removed. After waking up from the anesthesia, he saw a beautiful woman looking over him. She was the oral surgeon’s assistant and her name was Nancy Ryan. She didn’t go to lunch that day because Al was still in recovery and then he and his father were waiting for a taxi to pick them up. So, during the wait for the taxi a young dashing Al decided to chat with the beautiful young surgeon’s assistant.  Then they parted and a few days later Nancy received a Christmas card at the office. It was addressed to her and the return read: The Aloisi Family. “I was shocked,” said Nancy, “I said oh my goodness he must be married!” Then she opened the card and inside was a photograph of a movie Marquis and the movie featured was Ryan’s Daughter. 

Before Al met Nancy he was in the U.K. and took a lot of pictures, one of the photos taken in London was in Piccadilly Circus and it was a photo of a Marquis outside of a Movie Theatre, and the movie was called Ryan’s Daughter. It’s a movie about an Irish girl who falls in love with a British Soldier.  It’s a movie that still is seen here in the U.S. and often airs around Saint Patrick’s Day. So, when Nancy opened the Christmas card she saw the photo tucked inside of the movie marquis featuring Ryan’s Daughter and she knew he sent that because she’s Ryan’s daughter, as Ryan was her maiden name.  Nancy says, “I say it was fate that we were to be married because I am Ryan’s daughter.”  For Al it was an immediate sign that day in the office when he heard her last name.  “I heard her last name and it was like boom! That’s Ryan’s daughter and I saw in my mind the picture I had taken in London of the Marquis featuring Ryan’s Daughter, and I was compelled to share it with her,” said Aloisi. 

A few days after she received the card Nancy received a call at the office from Al and he asked her to go to the Ice Capades, but Nancy thought that was too far, so they settled on having a drink together. On their first date Nancy soon found out that Al indeed had a family! In fact, he told her that he had four children! Three from his first marriage; Robert, Richard and Laura.  His first wife tragically died at only age 30, suddenly from a massive heart attack.  Al also had a fourth child, a daughter from a second marriage that had ended soon after in divorce.

When Al and Nancy fell in love and soon married, Nancy lovingly welcomed Al’s 4 children, three of whom were aged 12, 14, and 16 at the time of their wedding.  So Nancy and Al had an immediate family with three children living with them and also Al’s daughter Lisa aged 8 then who would later come to live with them. Together Nancy and Al had a 5th child.  Five years after marrying they had a son together and they named him Ryan! “We have had so many celebrations over the years, we used to do every holiday, birthdays, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July… we were always about celebrating life together and gathering together.

Said Nancy, "Today our children host the gatherings and our kids are so close to each other.  We have our 5 children, 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren—life is great! Al was always so good to my family.  My family always called him The Renaissance Man because of all the things Al does.  I’m very lucky, I feel very lucky!”  Quickly Al cuts her off, “No!  I’m the lucky one!” Then Nancy went on to say, “Al’s even a great cook! He makes the best meals!”  TAPinto asked Al to share one of his recipes-see bottom for Al’s Chicken Marsala recipe!

TAPinto asked Nancy and Al to give some marriage tips to couples and they give great advice as you can see in the video here:


As everyone knows there is no perfect marriage. Al and Nancy are so happy together and share such a mutual respect for one another, which is very obvious even just in how they look at each other. TAPinto asks here in this video about any difficult times in the marriage and how they powered through it?  See Nancy and Al address the issue of working through the hard times here in this video:

Nancy adds, “Sometimes it’s not the big problems but it can be the little arguments and it’s all how you handle them, humor is important…” See video here of humor as a tactic to resolving conflict in a marriage:

“We are honeymooners now because it’s just the two of us,” said Nancy. Al responds, “When we were married she had an instant family, so we never had that honeymoon period and now we do. Nancy quips, “I always say, Al is going to love me no matter what. Just recently I said I’m not going to start coloring my hair,  I’m going all gray and what does it matter anyway, Al is going to love me just the same!” If they are not finishing each other’s sentences, they are laughing and making direct eye contact with one another, often reaching out to touch one another affectionately.  See the following videos of how Nancy and Al interact with each other after 44 years:





It was fate that brought them together? A tooth that needed to be removed and an oral surgeon’s assistant who decided to skip lunch that day and wait with the patient for his taxi…the referral to the oral surgeon for the tooth extraction, as a result of a referral by another dentist… all the different circumstances that brought them together… snapping a photo in another country of a movie marquis featuring the movie Ryan’s Daughter, and then meeting and later marrying Ryan’s daughter and naming the son you have together Ryan… the love story continues…

For more information on Al Aloisi you can visit his website at http://www.aafinancial.com or call/text:  732.859.0527

For information on the hyperlocal Holmdel Chamber of Commerce go to http://holmdelchamber.com follow the Holmdel Chamber of Commerce on Facebook for up to date chamber news and history of recent meetings. Next meeting is with Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden, Tuesday, February 27, 8 a.m. at Bell Works.

What’s your love story? If you would like to share your story email jwall@tapinto.net



1 to 1 1/4 Lb. Boneless Chicken Breasts **  (Sliced thin and

trimmed of all fat and gristle)

1/4  Cup flour, or just enough to lightly coat Chicken

Suggestion: Use a tightly closed plastic bag to shake the chicken with the flour.

6 Tbsps. Butter, Margarine or Smart Balance

1/2 Lb. mushrooms *, cleaned and sliced, or 1 small can of mushrooms.

1 Clove Minced Garlic (Or Garlic Powder)

2 Tbsps. Olive Oil

1 Cup Marsala Wine (Do not substitute another wine)

I usually add more to taste,

2 Tbsps. Butter

Dashes of Basil, Oregano and Pepper to taste (Salt if desired)

2 Tbsps. Parsley Flakes or fresh parsley, chopped

Heat butter in a large skillet, add chicken pieces in one layer.

Sprinkle Oregano and Basil on both sides.

Saute Chicken on medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes on each side.

(If  thin, chicken slices will cook through and seal in the juices).

In a separate pan, saute the garlic and mushrooms lightly in Olive Oil.

Combine the mushrooms with the chicken, sprinkle with parsley, pepper (salt).

Add the Marsala wine and simmer for 10 minutes more.

Remove from skillet to a warm serving dish.

Add a splash of Marsala and butter to the hot pan drippings.

Quickly melt the Marsala/Butter mixture on high heat while scraping the hot

drippings from skillet. Pour over the Chicken. 

 *      Portabella slices or "Baby Bella" for extra taste

 **    Use Veal cutlets sliced thin for Veal Marsala. 

In either case don't skimp on the Marsala Wine

Serve immediately, and stand back !

Serves 3 to 4.