April 10, 2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Don’t Ruin Our Resources for Money

Assembly District 13 Candidates Allison Friedman and Barbara Singer oppose the NESE Project:

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            An Oklahoma based company, Williams/Transco, has filed an application to install a 37-mile gas pipeline, the NESE project, under the feet of your swimming children and though environments fishermen feed their families from.  The pipeline traverses through the Atlantic Ocean, cutting through the middle of Raritan Bay. Why: because the gas company believes New Yorkers want more gas, despite New York not asking for it.  The Bayshore has fought this fight before, when the power company needlessly wanted to build giant power towers running through school yards and backyards.  We won, because it wasn’t needed, it hurt our environment, it hurt our property and it threatened our safety.

            Question: If New York is not asking for it, why do it? 

             Answer: MONEY!  (investors expected to see at least a 14% Return on Investment)

            This project will have downsides to the environment, to our quality of life, to the future of our homes and families.  Unfortunately, FERC’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is lacking on the research and data one would want to see BEFORE issuing an EIS.  On the heels of the State having our schools tested for lead levels, we do not need to be putting more heavy metal in our waters.  The project will stir up the pollutants long ago settled at the bottom of the bay.  The pollution will affect where our children can swim and boat and where fishermen make their livelihoods and feed their families from what they catch.

            Williams/Transco not shown a need for more gas delivery in its intended area of NY and New Jersey has been making fantastic strides in clean renewable energy and continues to pass new laws to keep moving in that direction.  We should not bear the burden of the repercussions of this project which will affect the towns and residents in Assembly District 13.  When towns like Aberdeen use solar energy to power the municipal building, it beguiles common sense why we would go backward.  Not to mention the dangers that a gas line running below the swimming feet of children possess.  Concrete mitigation proposals to the laundry list of concerns, are lacking. The gas traveling under our feet and boats would be methan, a known volatile greenhouse gas.  Williams/ Transco’s safety record is terrifying, at least 10 explosions to their credit.  https://350brooklyn.org/williams-safety-record/   

What we need to do is get educated, mobilize and fight to protect our environment.  NJ must deny the permits needed for this project.  For more information go to www.cleanoceanaction.org or contact Allison.Friedman@NJ13Results.org and Barbara.Singer@NJ13Results.org