HOLMDEL, N.J. - Awards were earned and bestowed at an exciting meeting for the next generation and their families during the May meeting of the the Holmdel Board of Education. The meeting was held in a different venue to accomodate the larger crowd of parents. HBOE Vice-President Peter Reddy ran the meeting as Board President Hammer was absent as well as Board Member Flynn. Board Member Martinez left early.

It was a great night for the kids. Attendees included hundreds of proud parents and family members who were there to see their child earn awards such as:

  • National Science League
  • National Language Arts League
  • Monmouth County Historical Commission
  • Earth Day Festival
  • New Jersey Math League
  • Continental Math League and more...

A special acknowledgement was given to Student Representative Elana Barlev for all of her dedicated service to Holmdel as she prepares to graduate this year and move on to higher education. They then took a short break to eat cake and take photographs.

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When the meeting resumed Board Member Briamonte stated that next months Board meeting would be videotaped. Board Member Sockol suggested they adopt a policy first. The Board Attorney advised they can videotape a meeting without a formal policy so the meeting in June is now slated to be videotaped. In other business, a new website was approved for rollout in August.

Board of Education Member Chiung-Yin Cheng Liu provided a detailed report from her subcommittee and requested that more dialogue at Board of Education meetings be held regarding curriculum changes prior to approval.

In other new business Board Member Sockol suggested changing the public portion process. This is the only time during the meeting when the public is allowed to speak. He asked the Board to consider adding a timekeeper and to appoint someone to control it so someone advises a speaker when their time is up. It wasn't clear what the concern regarded as most of the Board of Education meetings have very few attendees and even fewer folks speaking to the Board in open session. 

The Branding initiative also continues according to the Superintendent with "Innovate to Elevate" a theme discussed between members present with a note that the Mission Statement may be under review as well. It was a busy night for all and much was accomplished.

The next meeting will be held on June 28, 2017 at 8PM st Satz School