HOLMDEL, N.J. - Bell.Works.Lit.It.Up

A wonderful time was had by all Thursday evening, at the spectacular fire works display presented by Holmdel's Bell Works. Local Holmdel resident DJ Mel Houston of http://www.incrediblesoundz.com provided the entertainment. 

In addition to sharing their patriotic spirit with tenants and the surrounding community, they showcased their new outdoor terrace that is certain to be a destination point for the future. Bell Works has signed many leases and is poised to be fully occupied in the  near future.

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The guests in attendance included tenants and their families. Also, local dignitaries and regional officials were also on hand to experience the newly designed terrace. Among those present included Symbolic, WorkWave, Congressman Chris Smith's office, Somerset Development, Macom, CNBA, Melillo and Bauer and many others. Members of the Somerset Development  family were also there in a multi-generational way. Denise Rus Zucker, her grandchild Eli Baum, son inlaw Daniel Baum, Esti Schreiber and daughter Hada were all in attendance. 

The vision of Ralph Zucker is nearing completion and his creative team of professionals are seeing the fruits of their labor with one of the largest and  most historically significant office/lab spaces in the United States. You need not look too far on the Bell Works Terrace to fully comprehend the gravity of the place.

Picture this, in one area of the terrace, successful millenials are discussing advancing technology such as driverless vehicles, drones and VOIP tech. On the other side of the terrace is a young lady. She  is having a discussion with Robert Woodrow Wilson. Mr. Wilson is the American Astronomer who is the 1978 Nobel Laureate in Physics. He, along with Arno Allan Penzias, discovered in 1964 the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) that permeates the universe. Their work helped corroborate the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the universe. Yes, that Big Bang Theory. Not the show - the universe. 

Robert Woodrow Wilson on the Terrace at Bell Works. Fascinating. Thank you Mr. Wilson - and Mrs. Wilson, for gracing the guests with your presence.

Attendees commented on the palpable feeling of being part of such incredible local history. They described the impact and value of preserving and protecting this priceless location.