"Part of getting a working committee to come together and part of healing this country and our town is being able to develop trust and mutual respect." Deputy Mayor Cathy Weber.

Ideas or Suggestions may be sent to Deputy Mayor Cathy Weber at cweber@holmdeltownship.com

HOLMDEL, NJ - An Ad Hoc committee that began meeting four months ago will soon be reporting out its results for action by the Holmdel Township Committee. This was reported by Deputy Mayor Cathy Weber, during the live stream Township Committee meeting on November 10. Weber will be announcing four recommendations from her committee for action by the township to accept, reject or modify their work.

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The recommendations will follow the charge given to the Ad Hoc Committee by the Township: "This committee will be charged with making recommendations to the Mayor and Township Committee for the development of policies, procedures and programs that will aid in the prevention and elimination of all types of discrimination including discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry or marital status." 

The Human Relations Committee is also meeting weekly now, according to Weber, and will be soon releasing four recommendations for approval. Weber serves on the Township Committee that would vote on her recommendations. The all volunteer group has a busy calendar now, meeting four times a month.

There were a few questions about the committee from the public during the November 10 meeting of the governing body.

One member of the public (Nicole, from Lincroft) asked "I know that Committee Member Cathy Weber was asked about the Ad Hoc Human Relations Committee and the progress that has been made since its initiation. Weber told us that one of the ground rules of the committee was confidentiality. We understand these difficult conversations, but we ask how can community members be involved and hold the committee accountable if they are not at all involved and unable to know what these conversations actually consist of...if you could speak on this or just clarify what the committee is hoping to do or how community members can be more involved with it that would be much appreciated."

Another member of the public, Holmdel High School graduate Sarah Faisal, asked, "In terms of ground rules, I was just curious as to why there was the confidentiality rule amongst the members. So, as you said in the last meeting you were having the difficult conversations that you need to have and coming up with the constructive ways that the community can come together. So I just wanted to know why we can't know what's happening in the conversations. I just wanted to see why activists might  be included in the difficult conversations when we are the ones that can help bring about alot of change. Because much of the discrimination that alot of the people that I had organized with did stem from school"

Faisal asked, "Why are we being shut out and excluded from the difficult conversations that you speak of and I remember how you also brought up how you guys came up with four recommendations, so I was just wondering if we would be allowed to come up with our own recommendations...?"

Weber responded that the group itself decided it would not disclose its discussions. She said, "Sarah, thank you for your input - you may certainly submit ideas and suggestions to the committee and feel free to submit them to me at cweber@holmdeltownship.com . You are welcome to do that and once the committee makes the recommendations you'll also have the opportunity to speak to them in public."

Weber said, "I take exception in that we do have a young, college age representative on the committee. Again, with only six members of the public on the committee and trying to have as broad a cross representation as possible it isn't possible to have everyone on the committee but I assure we are looking at things from all different perspectives and all different positions. Part of getting a working committee to come together and part of healing this country and our town is being able to develop trust and mutual respect and in order to do that it is not a simple process when people are coming to it from their various corners and their various positions and so the committee felt very strongly that we needed to trust each other and have a degree of confidentiality to say things that may be personal and very hurtful and to have true conversation in order to move forward." Weber said.



Current Members are:

Deputy Mayor Cathy Weber

Holmdel Township Police Representative

Sarrah Buker

Francine Campis

Hannah Friedman

Carey Goldson

Michael Nikolis 

Robert Shearer

Rev. Dr. David C. Bocock