HOLMDEL,NJ:  Altrui SMILE (Supplying Medications in Lives Easily), is a nonprofit organization, founded in Holmdel, New Jersey, to address healthcare inequity around the world by tackling the market of unused medication.

In their latest partnership, Altrui Foundation has joined pharmaceutical manufacturers and charitable institutions in their effort to ensure prescription access equality for everyone around the world. Altrui SMILE has recently made leaps in their social impact, now adding Aurobindo Pharma to their list of manufacturing partners that will assist in the redistribution of unused medication and help fulfill Altrui SMILE’s mission.

Founded by Ramprasad Reddy, a clerk turned billionaire, and run by Narayan Govindarajan, Aurobindo Pharma operates through vertical integration, and has been featured in Forbes Fortune 500, which revealed their revenue to be a staggering 2.1 billion USD! They have been consolidating their presence in the US and EU, and have established a prominent footprint in the global community since 1986. 

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Over almost half a century, Aurobindo has been building up a reputation of superior customer service and transparency, while also embodying corporate social responsibility. By partnering with a variety of charities, Aurobindo was able to facilitate medication and treatment to underserved and devastated communities, with Carol Godfrey running the commercial operations front. Aurobindo has had a long history of working with organizations like the Dispensary of Hope and CitiHope International to provide their short-dated products to people that truly need it. 

More on their social responsibility focus, Aurobindo Pharma had created a separate branch for their philanthropic work, Aurobindo Pharma Foundation, which works to bolster social, environmental, and economic policy and programs. This is a necessary arm within the pharmaceutical industry, as ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards have been significantly higher now than they were in the past. Some undertakings of Aurobindo Pharma Foundation include rural development and environmentally sustainable projects, education promotion, the eradication of hunger, and overall relief projects to impoverished and unattended communities. 

Aurobindo has released their CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies, and their own set of social accountability standards, in which they stress their human rights policy, health and safety practices, community impact, supply chain management. 

With this increased focus on ESG standards and social impact, Aurobindo Pharma employees are being informed of the hazards and health risks that individuals in underserved communities face every day. Not only has the corporation been shedding light on these issues, but they have also released numerous medication guides and product-archives, which showcase a level of transparency that puts Aurobindo among the top pharmaceutical distributors in the world. Some of their products include Armodafinil, Citalopram, Efavirenz, Venlafaxine, and more. 

Their mission ,with respect to the social impact sector, aligns with Altrui Foundation’s goals to change the lives of those residing in communities in need, and through this partnership, both organizations can alleviate and aid in treatment across the world, and directly address the growing gap in healthcare and welfare. 

To learn more, visit Altrui Foundation online, and stay updated with their latest impact stories. Altrui Foundation is a nonprofit organization, stemming from Holmdel, New Jersey. Their goal is to address healthcare inequity around the world, specifically by tackling the market of unused medication. Altrui Foundation has partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturers and charitable institutions in their effort to ensure equality for everyone around the world.