HOLMDEL, N.J. - Did you ever stop by the Holmdel Post Office and notice the beautiful flower framed vegetable garden growing to the left of the building? Today, we spoke with Holmdel resident Dr. Rekha Rao, who was tending to her garden there. According to Rao, through Holmdel's Community Garden program she rented a flat of land to plant her now lush vegetable garden. Rao says,  "It's so convenient to have the area here to plant my garden. I stop by my post office box a few times a week to get my mail, plant and water my garden and now I'm stopping regularly to also to pick my vegetables. The water hose is always available for us to use and the fencing keeps the deer and other animals out of the garden. It's perfect for me."

The Holmdel Community Garden is the fenced in land that is in between The Holmdel Community Center and The Holmdel Post Office.  The property which is owned by the Township of Holmdel (the Holmdel tax payers), offers 48 various sizes of small areas of land that are independently rented starting at $15 annually.  Many different Holmdel residents plant, take care of, and harvest their gardens here. On this particular day, we met with a Bayshore Hospital neurologist and farm to table resident Dr. Rekha Rao who was excited to share her garden with us. Thank you Dr. Rao! 


The Holmdel Community Garden was established among other things to:

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* Bring the community together for wholesome recreation.

* Produce fresh local, vegetables.

* Provide fruit and flowers for our families or contribute to a local food pantry.

* Contribute to education about gardening and sustainability.

This and other informative information about Holmdel Community Gardens can be found by clicking here: http://www.holmdeltownship-nj.com/479/Community-Garden