HOLMDEL  – National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. “More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character,” known as the four “pillars,” according to the national organization’s website. Current officers described each of these in very personal and inspirational speeches delivered during the ceremony. Reflecting on service, Victoria Critchley echoed a sentiment found in the district’s mission statement. “We continuously strive to create open minded and principled students that will take what they have learned during the volunteering process and become conscientious, citizens in the years to come,” she said. 

Juniors and seniors who have accumulated a grade point average of 3.66 or higher are eligible to be nominated for membership in NHS. Nominees must also demonstrate that they have completed 200 hours of service since the start of their 9th grade year and pass an extensive vetting process focused on the pillars of leadership and character. 
The Holmdel High School Chapter, which was named long ago and continues to memorialize a beloved former Holmdel educator, Helen Ackerson, held its annual induction ceremony January 28th.  NHS President Arshpreet Behl presented the 125 inductees and together with NHS Co-Advisors, Mr. Jamie Brown and Ms. Jennifer Riggi, led them in the NHS Pledge as part of the evening’s proceedings. 

In keeping with the spirit of the organization’s namesake, the Holmdel tradition of each inductee honoring a teacher or school staff member who has mentored them during their education was continued this year. Inductees honored teachers from the district’s schools during the ceremony with words of thanks and with the presentation of a yellow rose.  In describing this tradition, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Robert McGarry said, “We often overlook the importance of positive student-teacher relationships.” “This wonderful Holmdel tradition speaks volumes to the significant and long-lasting role that Holmdel’s teachers play in the lives our students,” he added.  

The 2020 inductees include: Madeline Ai, Marissa Allocca, Pujan Amin, Kathleen Antonakakis, Alexander Baker, Emily Baylock, Keira Behal, Vanessa Bellotti, Olivia Beshara, Anna Briamonte, Julia Brusco, Kelly Burmeister, Lindsay Cannon, Gabrielle Cardinale, Phyllis Cheng, Daniela Chirchirillo, Madeline Collyer, Stephanie Dailey, Marissa D'Alessandro, Jillian DeMarco, Malak Dogheim, Sara Donnelly, Victoria Edison, Emma Edwards, Alexandra Emma, Kimberly Eng, Devin Erakin, Isabelle Erskine, Yi-Hsien Eu, Sophia Fanzini, Olivia Ferranti, Madeline Fields, Alyssa Frazier, Samuel Friedman, Christiana Gabor, Rina Gallo, Michelle Gershenow, Dana Giordano, Mia Goins, Samuel Goldberg, Christina Golden, Eliza Golden, Nyra Graham, Natalie Grana, Jaden Grillo, Lindsay Guarnaccia, Kevin Guether, Joseph Hammer, Chloe Hansen, Alden Hary, Isabella Hernando, Connor Hinds, Ethan Hood, Rick Hsu, Tiffany Hu, Kristine Hyun, Anthony Jaroszewski, Caitlyn Joyce, Christina Kaden, Amit Kallakuri, Anish Ketha, Timothy Kevorkov, Tristan Khachaturian, Andrew Kim, Christopher Kim, Trevor Kiss, Michael Kravets, Victoria Kuenzel, Isabella Lamberti, Ayan Lateeff, Lauren Lepore, Rylie Liberator, Anita Lin, Benjamin Lin, Juliette Linsalata, Nathan Lo, Jessica Lukawski, Isabella Luttrell, Ayden Lynch, Kirti Magam, Sofia Mancino, Michael McConnell, David Menna, Amanda Menza, Leila Merhi, Benjamin Milstein, Sophia Mocci, Hannah Nadi, Iman Nazeer, Jason Nguyen, Jenna Perez, Iqra Pervaiz, Dagny Phothimat, Emily Pinlac, Kyle Polivka, Ava Prestigiacomo, Emma Quirk, Caroline Rebele, Emma Rizzuto, Shayna Rosenstrach, Alyssa Rotondo, Maya Rubano, Evelyn Salvia, Ryan Schachel, Robyn Shaw, William Shullich, Andrew Siek, Alec Signorile, Talia Stolker, Audrey Su, Tiffany Sui, Seehanah Tang, Ryann Taylor, Alex Tian, Evelyn Toscarelli, Nabiha Umar, Michael Umbrino, Daniel Wang, Victoria Whittle, Hudson Yan, Skylar Yannello, Megan Yu, Bill Zhang, Cynthia Zhang, and Carley Zhou.