HOLMDEL, NJ: Primary Election Update: CONGRATULATIONS TO  ELECTED HOLMDEL TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE CANDIDATE Domenico Luccarelli DJ LUCCARELLI AND OUR 19 REPUBLICAN LINE-SUPPORTIVE ELECTED COUNTY COMMITTEE CANDIDATES!!  On Monday August 3rd, Holmdel’s elected County Committee met for their reorganization meeting. Marcy Prince McMullen was unanimously re-elected to Chairperson of the Holmdel Republican Party. 

At the August 3, Meeting the Holmdel Republican County Committee Reorganized as Follows: 
Rocco Impreveduto was elected Vice Chairperson 
Victoria Flynn was elected Secretary 
Delia Fagan was elected Treasurer
Debbie McMerty Brew was appointed Director of Communications 
All with full support of 19 elected candidates and Chairperson. 
All 19 were excited to move forward with a team who will work cohesively together with the goal of electing the BEST candidates to our Holmdel Township Committee. 

Elected Winners: 
District 1:
Delia Fagan
Wesley Fagan
District 2:
Valerie Avrin Marchiano
Joe Hernando
District 3:
Adam Khachaturian
District 4: 
Tobi Frank
Arthur Frank
District 5:
Danielle Impreveduto
Rocco Impreveduto
District 6:
Mary Vassilakos
Victor Lolli
District 7:
Christine Schmitt
Rick Guarnaccia
District 8:
Melissa Hernando Berardino
Michael Felice
District 9:
Kimberly LaMountain
Joseph Bradley
District 10:
Lea Waggoner
Christopher McCann

Unfortunately, Serena DiMaso, candidate in District 3, for the second year in a row went against the county and did not support the Republican line candidates which included women in both years. She, in fact, actively campaigned against the Republican line. 
On a prouder note: 
We, the Holmdel Republican Party, are VERY PROUD of Vicky Flynn: not only for her well-run, respectful and fair campaign but her willingness to step up to the divisive opponents who attacked not only Vicky but our school district and entire Board of Education through misleading and false statements on social media, banners, etc. Vicky proudly defended her candidacy, our BOE, and our school district in a respectful way. We are honored to have Vicky Flynn continue her service to our community by serving on our Holmdel Township County Committee.  The best is yet to come! On to November! 🇺🇸