HOLMDEL, NJ:   Danielle Vitoroulis was overweight, dangerously overweight, and she had reached her limit.  Vitoroulis says, “I was morbidly obese.  In college I used to eat a whole pizza in one sitting and look for dessert after that! I was totally out of control and exercising was not even a thought.  It was so depressing.  I would sleep as much as I could or be on my computer, or out partying.”  Fast Forward to today, and Vitoroulis has lost 130 pounds and 24 inches, and since 2016, Vitoroulis works out regularly 3-5 times a week at Title Boxing Club of Holmdel (located in the front of the Kohls Plaza near Harmon).  

A 2007 Holmdel High School graduate, Vitoroulis now 28 continues; “My highest weight was 275 pounds in the summer of 2013, and my size 22 pants were feeling tight! I knew that I could not live like that anymore and my medical doctor explained to me how my cholesterol levels were dangerously high and that my obesity was threatening my health.  Since that time when I finally said, ‘enough is enough,’ I began my weight loss journey.  My program has been all natural.  I have not had any surgeries to make me lose weight or inches, and I have not taken any diet pills. I have never starved my body. My weight loss all began with a combination of eating a healthy diet and traditional exercise, but I soon learned that was not enough.  I started losing weight the first couple years, but I still had a lot of loose body fat, my clothing size was a lower number, but my weight was stuck, I had no energy and I couldn’t really take off inches even with trying traditional exercise programs like using an elliptical, sometimes twice a day.  I would get tired really quickly and feel weak when exercising, and it was so depressing because I was still over-weight and it seemed that I had plateaued and I felt like I was going to start going backwards.”
It was at that time that Vitoroulis says she happened to walk into Title Boxing Club in Holmdel.  Vitoroulis says, “I know this sounds so cliché, but walking into Title Boxing Club in Holmdel, almost 18 months ago, changed my whole life. I dropped in and tried a free class, and from day one I was hooked!  It’s fun, exciting, and I started noticing real results after only two weeks. The trainers are so motivating and focused on technique and form.  They tailor the workout intensity to the client. In the first 2-3 weeks I dropped a clothing size and boom from there I lost 24 inches.  See video here of Danielle outside of Title Boxing Club in Holmdel last week:


When asking Danielle how much weight she has lost since she joined Title she responds; “It's all about the inches lost. I gained muscle so if you ask me how much weight I’ve lost since joining Title Boxing, it’s 35 pounds.  I have lost fat and I have gained muscle.  I am stronger than I have ever been, and the cardio work out has improved my strength so much I can jog a mile if I want to with no problem for the first time in my life!” She laughs and adds; “My arms are tight now for the first time, and the upper arm fat doesn’t wave back to me as it has done for so many years.  More important than anything, I feel great, I have energy and I enjoy my life again!”  Losing that additional 35 pounds, and taking off a whopping 24 inches (8 inches off the hips, 6 off the waist and the rest from the legs chest and arms) took Danielle down to a comfortable size 10.  
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Title Boxing Club of Holmdel owner Ann Marie Earle says, “Danielle regularly works out with us here and encourages everyone around her to work harder.  She brings an inspiring workout attitude with her to every class.  Danielle pushes others to reach their potential while pushing herself.  At Title Boxing Club in Holmdel, we work hard to make sure that your time here is one of the best parts of your day. It’s not too late to get in shape for summer. So many people have special occasions coming up. Now is the time.  Call us today for your free class and you can fit better into that dress or suit in just a few weeks!” Earle, an Executive MBA Graduate of Harvard, is passionate about fitness and has been a kickboxing enthusiast for many years.  After dedicating much of her professional career to the pharmaceutical industry, Earle developed a strong desire to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity.  Her love of the sport and the health benefits it provides people coupled with her business mindset led her to Title Boxing Club of Holmdel. Earle adds, "It's not a boxing club where you fight or spar, it's about hitting the bag and challenging yourself.  The trainers are like family and it's an all around great experience."   Here's a video of Danielle working with a Title Boxing Club trainer one on one while a class is going on with another trainer in the background.


Vitoroulis wraps it up with, “I am telling you it’s a great gift to yourself, do it for yourself.  If you are uncomfortable with your weight, no matter how much you have to lose, whether it’s 10 pounds or 100, I am confident that Title will help give you the foundation to get your body on the track to being the body you want to be. Before we know it we will be wearing summer dresses and shorts.  Do yourself a favor and start now!  It changed my life and I’m so happy.  I don't want to forget to mention, everything is well maintained and clean at the club.  There's a nice shower if you need to get ready to go somewhere straight after, and also they give you clean wet cold wash clothes after every work out. There's a lot of attention to detail. I also don't want anyone to think that I don't indulge myself once in a while. Everyone needs balance.  I still treat myself to a cocktail, I eat the forbidden food once in a while and then I get right back on track with my diet and right back to Title Boxing!  I am almost half the weight I was when I began this journey, and I feel like I'm so fortunate to have my life back and I want to tell others you can do it too! You just have to start!”
Call Title Boxing today at 732.344.6995 to receive your free power hour. Visit http://www.titleboxingclub.com/holmdel-nj/