RED BANK, NJ - Fill it up with premium? Nothing but the best? Great - now how about nutrition. Do you fill yourself with healthy food and balanced nutrition to optimize your life? It's so important to do so, in fact, that specialists are here to help you. Obesity is an epidemic and poor nutrition a critical health issue. Professionals are available to ensure you provide yourself the information and guidance you need to succeed.

Red Bank Family Medicine's Jenny Champion, MS, RD, can provide excellent nutritional guidance. Champion, a Registered Dietitian, recently joined Red Bank Family Medicine's practice and is available for appointments.  Says Champion, "Nutrition is a super important part of your life -  in fact nutrition affects everything in your life from mental health to physical health and emotional health. If you have any nutrition issue or question, I'm here to help." Jenny's hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1PM-6PM. Call Red Bank Family Medicine today at 732-842-3050. The address is 231 Maple Avenue, Red Bank NJ 07701.


Jenny is a Registered Dietitian with a  Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. Jenny has 10 years experience as a Nutritionist and is  passionate about helping others find healing through real-food nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle. Jenny is a blogger and nutrition writer and has contributed to many media outlets. Jenny lives in Red Bank with her husband and three children.