MIDDLETOWN, N.J - Excitement is bubbling through Middletown and simmering Holmdel and the area...save your appetite for something that is totally worth it and get over there quick! Satisfying and mouth watering delicious! Yes! It's true! The famous Basille's is back! "

Wildly popular with food enthusiasts,  Basille's Restaurant & Pizza brings their sought after food to you at The Village Plaza, 1104 route 35 South, Middletown NJ 07748 (near the WOW Gym). 

The word is spreading quickly that the 'Basile family is in town,' with their famous pizza pies and authentic Italian entrees that cause major lines in their New York establishments. Can you say 'Creamy Artichoke Pie to die for, Margherita or Grandma's Pies? How about Sicilian or Nutella? 

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Last night's dinner time was so busy. When Middletown location owner Dominick Basile's brother Sal and their cousin Francis Garcia (both celebrity founders of the famous Artichoke Basille's NYC), stopped in to say hello, they soon were behind the counter making pies and folding boxes....and they are back again today to pitch in. Dominick and Sal Basile's sister Maria says, "We are a tight family and we are always helping each other.  We were all raised in the restaurant business where it doesn't matter how many college degrees you have or how famous you've become, you start rolling the silverware and folding the boxes. Great pizza and authentic Italian dishes are a Basile family tradition. The pies they make is a skill my brothers learned from generations of making superior quality pies and providing hospitality that makes you feel like family."

The large family has various restaurant locations throughout NYC, and one in Jackson, NJ.

Customer Karen Sena said, "I've been living in Middletown, since 1998 waiting for a great pizza place to come to town. We saw the sign and were so excited. My son brought it home last night and it was so delicious, it's their New York pizza here in Middletown!  I am back today for more. Nothing around here can compare. My father in-law used to take us to their Forest Avenue location in Staten Island, for an early dinner before the crowds would come and there would be lines waiting as we were leaving. I'm so happy the family chose Middletown!" 

The restaurant is family owned and operated. See video to hear from owner of the Middletown location, Dominick Basile:



Want to know what pizza is supposed to look like? Look no further:



Last night Basille's Restaurant & Pizza provided the food for a catered party for 50 at a private residence in Holmdel, NJ. Among many bites, the party guests were devouring Basille's pies, cut appetizer style and their pasta dishes divided into small sampling cups, forked and passed by wait staff the party hosts provided. Holmdel resident and party guest Sofia Esposito says, "Everyone was raving that it was the best food last night. Every bite was so delicious. I can't think of another restaurant locally that can compare to the authentic Italian quality of Basille's. It's so great to have them local to us in Middletown, as I have been traveling to eat their food for years and now it's right down the street from Holmdel, and has the same family recipes we've traveled back to the NYC locations for years to enjoy!"  Dominick Basile says, "Today we've had non-stop traffic from last night's party that tried our food. They are coming back for more and many are bringing the whole family in. That speaks for itself. Come on down and try Basille's, we know you're going to love it."

You can call Basille's at 848.225.3080

Basille's had a former Middletown location in the 90's, which was then moved to Jackson, NJ when Carrabba's purchased the building and property in the late 90's.

TAPinto is proud to welcome Basille's Restaurant and Pizza as an advertiser and marketing partner. Chow down at Basille's today - Mama Mia!

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