HOLMDEL (May 17, 2018) –  National Honor Society (NHS) members from the Holmdel High School chapter recently donated over 200 boxed lunches to be distributed to local charitable organizations.

The best way to describe this effort is “It takes a village.” National Honor Society co-President Joyce Wang was looking to coordinate an event for her members to get involved with as volunteers. She contacted Kathy Logan, a former long-time teacher and resident in Holmdel who works through Holmdel Community Church to support Bridges at the Shore, an organization that performs outreach with homeless and low-income families. Logan suggested she speak with Liz Mueller, another active Holmdel volunteer who could help her with distributing the donated lunches.

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Mueller, in turn, reached out to local legend Jim Benedict, who is affiliated with Feed All God’s Children and runs a soup kitchen at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Freehold to see if he could suggest the best way to distribute the lunches. He said to drop them off at St. Peter’s and he would help out from there. Mrs. Mueller had nothing but praise for Benedict, noting that, “In addition to this soup kitchen, Jim is also involved with tent city in Lakewood and shelters for abused women and children. Truly a remarkable guy.” 

After picking up the twenty boxes holding the bagged lunches, Mrs. Mueller drove them over to St. Peter’s in Freehold, noting that she was able to distribute some to the day laborers who were huddled in the rain in the lot across from the church. They were grateful for the show of kindness.

Over 45 students showed up after school to prepare and pack the lunches in the Culinary Arts room at the high school. One station was set up for making the turkey sandwiches, another was responsible for bagging the water and napkins, a third was busy adding the cereal bars, and a fourth was getting the large Ziplocs stowed away in boxes for shipment. The assembly line worked so efficiently that it only took an hour to prepare, bag, and box over 220 lunches. NHS members who had signed up to help were late in arriving due to the AP exams they were taking, so they stayed a little later to help clean up.  

Holmdel’s National Honor Society is looking forward to working with Ms. Logan, Mrs. Mueller and Mr. Benedict in the coming years to continue helping to support those in need in and around the Monmouth County area, and beyond.