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If you’re a fan of the ‘80s you’re definitely gonna love this movie!

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THE DECADE THAT WON’T GO AWAY! ….THE DECADE WE WON’T LET GO AWAY! For the film's website click here.  For the link to the movie trailer, click here. To hear what Kevin Smith has to say about the movie, click here.  To go to the Gone for the Weekend Amazon Link, click here.       

ABOUT THE MOVIE- Filmmaker Troy Burbank hits a home run with GONE FOR THE WEEKEND, a hell-raising romantic comedy about Phil, an aspiring actor suspicious that his wife is cheating on him with her boss on a business trip. Jesse, played by Burbank, and his middle-aged pals are up to no good acting like adolescents. Their shenanigans have them hanging out at strip clubs, picking up girls and sneaking into concerts. Jesse, the ringleader, rallies the boys for a weekend of good old ‘80s fun. 

 Special guests include renowned rock photographer Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss, who shot some of the most notable album covers of the ’80s, including Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi and Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister. After Weiss was asked to do a short cameo he got the acting bug and started writing himself into the movie. He brought in his buddies Brian Wheat of Tesla  to do a cameo in the movie and Chip Z’Nuff of Enuff Z’Nuff, who perform their hit song “Fly High Michelle” during a fantasy scene in the movie. 

ABOUT FILMMAKER TROY BURBANK Writer, Director, and ProducerBurbank was born and raised in the Leonardo section of Middletown, New Jersey. He traveled extensively as an amateur boxer, won championships and then boxed professionally for several years. "I saw the movie ROCKY when I was nine and that was it. I decided I wanted to be a professional fighter,” he says. “I started boxing at age thirteen. The next year, 1988, a production company was filming a movie in Asbury Park. They were looking for boxers to be in HOME BOY, a Mickey Rourke movie. I got paid for hitting the bag for two days as a background actor, they cut the scene and I never made it into the film. But it changed me. I had the passion for fighting professionally and I also caught the bug at a young age for film production. Professional fighting was my passion, but simmering on the back burner was always the dream of writing a script and making a movie. It was always evolving." In 1994 Burbank met Kevin Smith, a filmmaker and pop culture icon who rose to fame with his independent film CLERKSwhich was filmed in Leonardo, New Jersey. Who would think that their brief conversations about life and movies would one day inspire Burbank to make his own film? He says, "I’ve known Kevin Smith since his early days shooting CLERKS at the Quick Stop. He has always been an inspiration to me; I figured if he can do it, I can do it. I lived five minutes away and would go there for milk and lottery tickets." Burbank got movie fever and did whatever he could to be close to the action and learn the tools of the trade. He was an extra in MORNING GLORY, starring Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams, and DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS?,starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker. In 2010 Troy made his first film, The House at 831, and then in 2015 he entered a “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” contest. In 2014 Troy made a short called HANGIN OUT,which later developed into the feature film GONE FOR THE WEEKENDThe film was nominated in the 17th Annual Garden State Film Festival in 2019 and then released in the summer on Amazon Prime Video.

LEONARDO BOYZ FILMS- Troy Burbank, the founder of Leonardo Boyz Films, possessed that “fire in the belly” to create something big. So with a script written by Burbank, he pulled together his team of local guys: Danny Sanchez, Mark Weiss, Robert Ruvolo, Brad Perrott, Ernie O'Donald, Phil Kozma, Paul McGarry, Marc Fratto, Gregory Garaizar and Andrew Bane. “I would say GONE FOR THE WEEKEND best compares to 1984's BACHELOR PARTY and today's HALL PASS,” Burbank says. “It's funny, you will laugh. There's a lot of drinking, partying and hollering.” The huge response for auditions drew hundreds of local and NYC-based actors interested in being cast in the movie. Filming was done on location in many favorite local spots. Leonardo Boyz Productions would like to thank and encourage everyone to support local businesses: Atlantic Cinemas, The Blue Bay Inn, Slater's Deli, Atlantic Bagel and Town and Surf Diner.

THE SOUNDTRACK - Enuff Z’Nuff  front man Chip Z’Nuff makes a guest appearance playing himself in GONE FOR THE WEEKEND, re-recorded their top 40 hit song “Fly High Michelle” for the fantasy scene in the movie. The soundtrack also features songs from Chip’s solo album, Strange Time, as well as a guest appearance from Missing Persons’ Dale Bozzio on "Tonight We Met.” Cheap Trick vocalist Robin Zander and former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler, both Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, appear with Enuff Z’Nuff on a remake of the Kinks classic, "All Day and All of the Night.”  Other artists on the soundtrack include New Jersey-based band Colossal Street Jam and local hero Wayne Olibieri, who wrote and performed the movie’s theme song, “Gone For the Weekend.”

GONE FOR THE WEEKEND's Quotes from the critics:

Kevin Smith, filmmaker: "I'm not taking anything away from him, but Troy was a boxer and he was never gonna be makin' no movie. But then he saw us do it with CLERKS and he was like, 'Those idiots can make a movie, I can make a movie, too.' He did the lesson that I’ve been saying for years. If I can do this anybody can do this, and the dude that lives literally right down the street from QUICK STOP picked up a camera and made a movie. It made me so happy."

Keith Roth, SiriusXM radio DJ: "It’s basically these four middle-aged guys, one of their wives go away and they act like kids again going to strip clubs and trying to pick up girls, sneaking backstage at rock shows. The trailer’s pretty funny, kinda reminded me of HALL PASSBACHELOR PARTY and SPINAL TAP all rolled into one." 

Mark “WEISSGUY” Weiss: "The characters in the movie are hysterical!! You wanna love ‘em and hate ‘em at the same time."

Carl Craft, The WRAT-FM Morning Show: "Extra-turned-director-turned-actor, that is Troy Burbank, baby!"

Chip Z’Nuff of Enuff Z’Nuff: "It’s about four jackoffs who are living their lives vicariously through guys like me. They certainly get into a lot of trouble and they're very promiscuous. A lot of substance abuse in this movie, it shows all of the scars, and bells and warts and tattoos of what the ‘80s carried when it came to rock and roll and chasing trim around the country." 

Neil Zlowzower, photographer: “Just finished watching the movie. I thought it was amazing. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to the end. Good work!!!!!!!”

Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme:“They rock,  but security get these fu%7’n guys out of here

Brian Wheat of Tesla: "Go see the movie—it’s really funny, I think you’ll enjoy it. You’ll have a blast, it’s hilarious!"

THE DECADE THAT WON’T GO AWAY! ….THE DECADE WE WON’T LET GO AWAY! For the film's website click here.  For the link to the movie trailer, click here. To hear what Kevin Smith has to say about the movie, click here.  To go to the Gone for the Weekend Amazon Link, click here.