HOLMDEL, NJ:  Don't miss the January 29, 8am Holmdel Chamber of Commerce Meeting at Bell Works:  Hackensack Meridian Health representative will speak about the Woman's Heart Fund (in advance of February's Heart Health Month). Chamber members and guests will take a virtual trip with high tech company; oasisVRX who will offer a tour through the human body, including a trip inside the heart!  Holmdel Chamber charter member and resident pianist; Al Aloisi of Al Aloisi Associates will share quick insurance tips for the new year. As always, attendees will all introduce themselves and their business. So come, travel through the human body, or maybe swim with dolphins and talk about your business. Guests can enjoy hot coffee from Booskerdoo, compliments of coffee sponsor oasisVRX and sample delicious and nutritious protein shakes (flavors like chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry...) and healthy breakfast bites from Hummus and Pita Co., now open to the public inside Bell Works. Holmdel Chamber 2019 has many new benefits to be announced for our members soon so stay tuned!  RSVP TO: membership@holmdelchamber.com

At the Chamber's December meeting, local businesses and nonprofit organizations enjoyed learning about the latest advances in the world of information technology while networking. The meeting was held on the lower level of Bell Works in the new conference space and featured guest speakers; Joseph Simuro, CEO of The Data Pros, and Emily Karwowski from Microsoft.

The Data Pros, a trusted full service IT company located in Holmdel for many years is now one of the new tenants located at Bell Works, and the 'complete IT solution you can trust.' In addition to general IT consulting, among many services The Data Pros offers; Carbonite, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Email and Spam protection, HIPAA Compliance, Integration, Managed Services, and VoIP. The Data Pros is a Microsoft partner and one of the only certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Partners in the New York Metro area to offer a moneyback guarantee on their managed IT services. The Data Pros offers free Microsoft software to nonprofits. 

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The meeting, attended by representatives from local nonprofits such as Hackensack-Meridian Woman's Heart Fund, and the Bungalow Foundation (which helps combat depression through performing arts therapy), and local business people like the co-owners of Gym Guys Monmouth (an in-home personal fitness training company); aimed to raise awareness on how technology can help improve and grow their businesses/organizations, as well as to help connect them with locally based tech consulting and support services.

Simuro, CEO of The Data Pros, gave a presentation about how Microsoft’s recent innovations; such as its Surface computer product line and Cloud service, have led it into the cutting edge of the technology industry and helped it become the world’s most valuable company (larger than Apple).

Simuro said the Surface Products help people do much more of their work either from home or while on the road than was possible before, making it especially popular among those in the younger generations.

“Millenials want to work from wherever they are,” he said. “This allows them to do that.”

The Cloud service allows companies to securely store large amounts of data, as well as communicate with each other in real time, which increases workplace engagement, Simuro said.   In addition, the Cloud service has made IT services that were only affordable to large corporations like Coca-Cola affordable for smaller companies as well, Simuro said.

“Microsoft Cloud allows for enterprise-level services at small and medium business price points,” Simuro said.

Simuro said his company’s main purpose is to help set-up local businesses and nonprofits with technology-related support and consulting services, especially with respect to Microsoft-licensed IT products and services.  He also said his company will offer Microsoft-licensed IT solutions and services like the Cloud to local nonprofits at either low or no cost.

“A key part of our job is to raise awareness of our products, tech support services, etc,” he said.

During a Q&A session, Simuro reassured the audience that the Microsoft Cloud service is one of the most secure IT service products on the market.

“If I wanted to hack either Microsoft or a server in a closet somewhere, I’m going to after that server every time,” he said.

Emily Karwowski, a Microsoft Cloud Technician expert, spoke about about how her role is to help set-up, consult with, provide training for, and support small companies and local nonprofits with their technological service needs having to do with Microsoft-licensed products; as well as connect them to companies partnered with Microsoft for those services if necessary. 

“We work with small companies either directly or through Certified Microsoft Partners in order to reach our customers,” she said. “We have a little bit of everything having to do with tech support services.”

Karkowski also showcased several models of the Surface Product line as part of the meeting’s technology bar, which displayed a 10-inch Surface Go, a 12-inch Surface Pro, and 13-inch Surface Laptop, a 13-in Surface Book, and a 15-inch Surface book. Chamber members and guests were able to try out the latest Microsoft products with an expert on hand to answer questions and demo the products.

The Surface Go device is best when working remotely or on the road, Karkowski said.

“If you’re on the road a lot, that’s my professional recommendation,” she said.

Terence Wall, one of the founding members of the the Holmdel Chamber of Commerce, said, "Technology is a very effective tool in business and daily life. It is further enhanced when people come together to talk with one another, as we are here today. Ttechnology is very powerful, but it can never replace the human connection. Our Chamber of Commerce meetings are meant to help local businesses and organizations grow and connect with one another.  Efficiant use of technology as Joe Simura of Data Pros explained to us, will help all of us to carve out extra time to share with our families."

Rob Gasko, co-owner of the Gym Guys Monmouth, said he hoped to come to the meeting to network and establish potential new connections; and was glad he came because of what he learned about the latest tech innovations. “It was really good to hear about the latest tech from someone who does it for a living,” he said. “To learn about where the internet is going, I thought that was really cool.”

The Bell Works complex, located at 101 Crawfords Corner Road in Holmdel, is a 2 million square-foot property that’s home to technology companies like Workwave, iCims, architecture firms like G3 and Interior Architects, real-estate firms like The Garibaldi group, and other companies; but also hosts real-estate developments and the JCP&L building. Bell Works is open to the public and has a pedestrian walkway to welcome everyone with cafe's and restaurants, like Hummus and Pita and so much more!  

For more information on The Data Pros click here.

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