Red Bank, NJ - Never picked up a paint brush? 

So what?

TAPinto Red Bank attended a fundraiser at Pinot’s Palette for M.A.S.T., the Marine Academy of Science & Technology hosted by Dorothy Lucyk who has a son in the academy

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“We’re a group of mom’s and friends getting together raising money for the Parent-Teacher-Student Association that will go towards scholarships, trips and other needs,” said Lucyk.

Pinot’s Palette is a great concept: come together with a group of your friends, drink some wine and get creative with a paintbrush.

To watch a few videos of the wine bottle painting event, including directions from the instructor and the ladies channeling their Georgia O'Keeffe, click HERE and HERE.

And, it’s just not for kids.

Open up your child’s creative talent by signing up for a painting class taught by local artists at Pinot’s Palette, located at 12 Broad Street in Red Bank.

You can also check out their calendar of events by clicking HERE.

TAPinto Red Bank posed a series of questions to the owners of Pinot’s Palette; Dorothy Ferlanti, Fred Fadell and Rich Barton.

TAP: Where does the name Pinot’s Palette come from?

The main attraction of our studio is to create your own masterpiece while sipping on your favorite wine or beer.

The word “Pinot” defines as the many variations of wine grapes used to make delicious wine.  Having that right in the title encourages our guests to make our classes a fun night out, bringing along friends and their favorite wine to sip on during class.

A palette refers to the range of colors an artist uses to create their picture which is one of the most important parts of painting!

TAP: Please explain what Pinot’s Palette offers

Pinot’s Palette is an enjoyable paint and sip studio created to bring people together to ignite their inner artist.

We have weekly public classes where you follow along with an instructor to create a painting you can be proud of.  We have day time classes that are family oriented, targeting both children and adults.  Our evening classes are meant to feel more like a night out on the town to enjoy with friends or as a date night.

Additionally, we have a private room that can accommodate any form of celebration! Bachelorette parties, bridal showers, corporate team building events, holiday parties, adult and children birthday parties are many of the different reasons our guests find our cozy studio to be the perfect place to get together.

We also host fundraisers in our studio for so many charitable organizations!

TAP: How do you “teach” people to paint?

As Bob Ross once said, “All you need to paint is a little instruction, some tools, and a vision in your mind.”  Each guest is given all the supplies they need to create their masterpiece.

Our talented local artists lead our painters through a step-by-step instruction that build up to the finished painting.  Our painters will learn some great techniques demonstrated by the artist throughout the painting process.

They become familiar with the materials, how to mix colors, blend on their canvas, and the importance of finer details.

TAP: Talk about your wine and painting events 

Our painting events are made to bring people together.  Our classes are a great way to take a break from the everyday demands of life to enjoy the company of the people you love while trying something new and exciting.

Our classes are not meant to feel like school, more like a party!  We encourage our guests to loosen up, sing along to some great tunes, drink some wine, and get those creative juices flowing.  We really have something here for everyone to enjoy.

There are classes for the child that loves to draw at home, for the coworkers to get together after a long day at the office, or for the woman to bring her elderly mother who use to love to paint in her younger years.

TAP: Painting for kids?

We offer “Little Brushes” classes that are specifically geared towards our mini aspiring artists.

The paintings chosen for these classes are achievable for kids as young as 5 years old, but we often see families all painting together, or adults joining these classes as well.

Our artists make these classes very upbeat and care free, so the kids find them very enjoyable!  We encourage them to be creative, so they can feel free to personalize their artwork with their own ideas.

TAP: You offer many events, please describe a few 

Our monthly calendar is made up of paintings of many styles, so we can offer something for everyone!

One class we absolutely love is our Project Pet class.  We try to offer this at least once a month.  This class allows our pet lovers to create a portrait of their pet they can be proud of.

In addition to our typical canvas size, you can find us painting on longer, taller canvases that work well to decorate the awkward spaces in your home.  We also offer glass classes where our painters can design their own wine glasses!

We like to paint on wine bottles, that include the light-up cork to make it the ultimate home décor and conversation piece.  This class is perfect for creating something you can display during your next holiday dinner party!

Our date night classes are truly unique way for couples to spend a night out together.  Each couple paints half the painting on their own canvas, creating one large masterpiece when the two canvases are hung side by side.

Our Open Studio sessions are a great way to pass some time in our studio.  We offer two different canvas sizes and several paintings that come with self-guided instructions.  This class allows everyone to paint something different while still receiving tips and assistance from our talented artists.

TAP: Best part about your job?

Although there are many things we love about our studio, one of the best parts is what you see at the end of a great class!

Despite the artist leading everyone through the same painting, every painting comes out so unique with its own style and flare.  It’s amazing to see how different they all turn out.   In addition to that, everyone is smiling laughing, and always impressed with the artwork they created, even if they came in with no painting experience.

It’s a blessing to be able to share what we love with so many people.

TAP: Most Challenging?

We always hear people saying the same things such as “I could never do this”, or “I can’t even draw a straight line!”

We feel the most challenging part is getting those skeptics in the studio to try our classes for the first time.  We cater to beginners, so our paintings are designed to be achievable if you have never picked up a paint brush.

We encourage everyone to try our classes as we are confident you will be surprised with how much you enjoyed it and how well you did!

So, get the kid’s noses out of their smartphones, gather your adult friends together, bring your own wine, and make a date to learn to paint at Pinot’s Palette!