COLTS NECK, N.J. - A funny thing happened on the way to... covering the Max Spann Farm Auction story. This is the preserved farm that was sold for $2.86 million and it's next to Jon and Tracey Stewart's upcoming Animal Sanctuary and Farm Education Center.

The funny thing that happened, however, is a fun recollection for readers of an  'it's a small world' memory.

Jeanne Wall (Abinader) is the Publisher and Editor of TAPinto Holmdel & Colts Neck. Years ago, Jeanne was working as a freelancer prior to working for Time Warner. So, in the 1990's she filmed a few episodes with Jon during his old variety show!

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In the 1990's when he had his first show, Jeanne, Jon and others appeared together at a Middle Eastern Restaurant in the Village in New York in one comedy skit. Another episode was at the famous steps of the New York Post Office.

During this particular episode, Jeanne sat on the steps with a jar of peanut butter and, according to Jeanne, "he came flying down the long and beautiful steps on a skateboard and, just like the famous commercials, dipped his chocolate bar in the peanut butter. It was classic Jon Stewart humor". The third episode she could not remember specifically and, she said, "I'm sure he can't either". 

They were produced out of Chelsea Television Studios with the Duke Brothers (AMV - All Mobile Video). It still exists today at 221 West 26th Street. Quite a small world.  

Jeanne sends her warmest regards to Jon and his wife Tracey and best wishes for their newest venture. They are opening an Animal Sanctuary and Farm Education Center in 2018 at the former 45-acre Hockhockson Farm. TAPinto Holmdel & Colts Neck look forward to meeting with them and sharing their news and progress. The Stewarts have both the knowledge and the passion for protecting rescued farm animals, teaching about sustainable agriculture and proper animal care. Tracey is also the bestselling author of "Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better. You can find her book right here:

Now, to finish the well covered Max Spann story - The preserved former equestrian farm is on 45.6 approximate acres, located next to Jon and Tracey Stewart's upcoming 2018 Animal Sanctuary and Farm Education Center and has been sold for $2.86 Million.The winning bidder is not yet known and is from Tinton Falls. Being a preserved farm, it is not able to be developed into a traditional real estate site. You can find more specific information right here: