Electronics manufacturers have done a masterful job with one key-word lately-“Smart”. This simple trigger-word can be found all over the electronics world today. Smart Locks, Smart Speakers, Smart Lights, Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Homes, Smart Thermostats; the possibilities are endless. But let’s take a step back and review what this word really means and what it means for you, a consumer who might be looking to purchase your next smart device. Just how smart can they be?

First a quick background on myself to lend some credibility to my views. My name is Daniel Tapolow and I own an Audio Video company based out of Red Bank, NJ called Infinite AV Solutions. We specialize in many AV systems but and especially “Smart Homes” or what is professionally known as “Home Automation Systems”. We design, install, program and service these systems from the basic to the most elaborate to perfectly blend in with our client’s lifestyles.

Starting from the most basic concept, if any device is said to be “Smart”, it must be connected to the internet. This benefits the manufacturer as well as the end user by adding certain features that people have come to expect. The manufacturer of the product loves the idea of their product being connected to internet because it allows them to push firmware updates which can do everything from fix known problems with the product or just add new features. This also can help the consumer who loves having that app on their phone to control the device.

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Now, there is one thing people should understand about this topic- a true Home Automation System aka “Smart Home” is much simpler then all these separate devices.  
The biggest benefit to having a professional system installed is the ease of use and how different smart devices can all communicate to each other. Imagine having all your home or business systems on one, simple to use and customizable app. TVs, music, lights, thermostats, security cameras, pool, blinds almost anything you can think of can be controlled or automated. A single button press can set your home in “Sleep Mode” Lock the doors, set the lights back, turn off TVs and music, make sure the garage doors are closed and even set back your thermostats. No longer will you need to flip between the different smart device apps on your phone but instead let your house do the work for you.

This type of solution might not be for everybody, so you really need to ask yourself what is important to you and your family. Are you happy with a do-it-yourself style system or would you like to see what else is out there?

I personally love that, when I am watching TV, and someone rings my doorbell, my front door camera will pop up on the TV remote’s beautiful color touchscreen. This is just a simple example of what is possible these days but really the possibilities are Infinite!