COLTS NECK, NJ: The Martha-Mary ladies know how to party! At their December meeting members and friends of the Martha-Mary Guild (MMG) of St. Mary’s Parish in Colts Neck gathered together to pray, party and sing along with the members of The Matinee Idols; a talented group of “Barbershop Style” entertainers.  For those that chose to arrive early there was rosary in the chapel at 11:30 a.m. followed by a grand Christmas celebration in St. Mary’s Madonna Hall. It was BYOL –Bring your own lunch – and MMG members supplied light appetizers, the eggnog, coffee and bountiful sweet treats! The room was full of good cheer and the meeting opened with The Pledge of Allegiance followed by a prayer titled Martha Mary written by longtime MMG member Gloria Ziemienski in 2001—see prayer below).  Co-presidents of MMG Rorie Coppola and Ginny Hamlin welcomed everyone with opening remarks.  

Next the locally famous Matinee Idols made their entrance to the front of the room and the party began!  Typically a Barbershop Quartet is just that-- a quartet, but with the Matinee Idols you have multiple quartets coming together to perform in a larger group while sometimes breaking off into smaller groups. They opened with the classic Barbershop Quartet tune; “Hi Neighbor” and quickly moved into Christmas Carols and Holiday sing along music. They promised a wonderful show and all agreed that they kept their promise! There was a lot of interaction with the audience telling jokes in between the narration and singing. The final tune was a sing along of  “Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” where the Matinee Idols spread out and stood near the tables around the room and sang with the MMG ladies. See a sampling of the Matinee Idols in the videos here: 


Every guest left with a complimentary copy of the book; Joy to the World, by Scott Hahn. The MMG collected new baby clothing, diapers and wipes that were later donated to Birthright to assist babies in need. The next Martha-Mary meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 10th .  You are invited to join the rosary at 11:30 in the Chapel and it’s bring your own lunch at noon with MMG supplying refreshments. The guest speaker is Dr. Penn, a physician specializing in Integrative Family Practice Medicine with a focus on mind body medicine; and nutrition medicine with an emphasis on prevention and wellness to optimize the potential of each individual. Dr. Penn is going to talk  about the popular topic of Mindfulness—our mind, body and spirit connections.  Everyone is welcome.  Martha MaryTo learn more about St. Mary’s Martha-Mary Guild you can visit the parish website at 

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The World Calls me Martha the Doer

 do the housework

do the marketing

prepare the meals

serve meals

applaud performances

cheer in the stands

man the refreshment booth

work at home

work outside the home

babysit the grandchildren

be other-centered

volunteer volunteer volunteer

join a worthy organization

serve on a committee

raise money

pack food baskets

bag clothing

Martha here Martha there

Martha Martha everywhere

JESUS calls me Mary

come away He whispers

spend time with me

put all your do’s aside

be God-centered

contemplate contemplate contemplate

look really at God’s wonderful Creation

listen listen carefully for God’s love song

watch watch closely for signs of God’s presence

wait wait for God expectantly

rest rest in my love

drift drift on the tranquil waters of your imagination

dream dream of my Eternal Kingdom

Mary here Mary here

Mary Mary only her

for only if you are Mary Mary here with me

will you have the strength to be Martha Martha everywhere

Gloria Ziemienski, September 23, 2001