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There’s a 'Seacret Agent' in Holmdel and Colts Neck–Melissa Mallios Brings a Billion Dollar Beauty Company to a Whole New Level Locally

Melissa Mallios Credits: Danny Sanchez
Melissa and her daughter
Makeup free Seacret
Melissa and her Seacret products. "I get so excited with my Seacret deliveries and love to display them as soon as I open the box!"
Melissa and her husband Demetri
"Fresh and Whole Foods are my Fave"
Streaming live to her popular Facebook group Hush
"It's 7am and I've had my workout in...let's talk about what you are going to do today to challenge yourself!"
Credits: Danny Sanchez
Family dinners!
Greece summer 2017
Seacret's mud mask

 There’s definitely something about Melissa… Melissa Mallios. This successful passionate businesswoman and busy mom is on--always on.  When many of us are still having our first morning cup of coffee it’s highly likely that Melissa has already had an exhilarating workout, and is literally bouncing about and streaming live with a new beauty or exercise tip, sharing a healthy recipe or demoing a skincare product, all while intensely and often eccentrically, delivering an inspirational pep talk for her private Facebook group; HUSH, followed by nearly 700 women.  Melissa is real, she’s intense, and without boundaries—and it works!  
A little less than a year ago Mallios decided to focus her talent and energy selling beauty and skincare products for Seacret, an international multi-billion dollar network marketing, beauty and skincare company, whose skin products contain minerals from the Dead Sea.  Not even half a year passed before Izhak Ben Shabat, the Founder and CEO of Seacret called Mallios personally to tell her that she had earned the position of top sales nationally and had won a free luxury vacation.   Mallios with her husband flew to Mexico, to meet with Seacret’s CEO for an all expenses paid vacation at an exclusive luxury resort.  As the CEO greeted them he had updated news that Mallios was not only the top national sales person at that time, but she also achieved top sales in the world, with numbers surpassing the previously top global numbers held by a sales team in Asia.  A multi-billion dollar company, Seacret was founded in 2005 and sold over a billion dollars in retail product sales in 40 countries, through kiosks in malls. Then in 2011 Seacret transitioned to relationship marketing, whereas Seacret is now brought into the comfort of your home, brought to you by “relationship sales people,” like Mallios.  
In today’s social media environment, it’s all about relationship marketing and Mallios has mastered it.  So, while you are having that morning coffee and listening to Melissa in the comfort of your home, she’s bringing to you product—Seacret product, and it’s brought to you with an interesting mix of fitness, beauty and fashion, relationship advice and parenting… and it’s all delivered with emotion—genuine, raw emotion with no boundries…because before anything Mallios is passionate.   Her husband Demetri Mallios says, “Melissa embodies the qualities of a person who is much larger than life.  She is my sun, emitting this power which is fueling, uplifting and warm.  She is giving and encouraging, and yet commanding. In business she is fierce but fair.  When it comes time to protect her loved ones, she is a ferocious lioness. She is a constant positive force, moving forward at a rate most can not comprehend. Everything about the way Melissa lives and loves is full of passion and purpose….She is my greatest inspiration and makes me feel invincible. I cannot imagine a better partner in life, a more loving wife or a better mother for our children… I know it sounds like I just described a superhero, but that’s my wife!” 
When Melissa is asked what drives her passion she quickly answers, “I am motivated by the happiness of others. I take nothing for granted and appreciate everything in my life. I know what it is like to be in a rut and I got out of it and it was not easy, very difficult in fact but I did it, and every day I want to help other women.  I changed my life totally around and I want to share my story and my passion with other women and let them know they have the power to turn their life around for the better. Just two quick tips that you can totally control is to start every day with stimulating your body with exercise and then your mind will follow. After you exercise, then dress how you want to feel. Sometimes people say, ‘Melissa, where are you going all dressed up?’ I dress how I want to feel and it makes such a difference for me. Starting with those little simple things, wearing that dress, putting that new shade of lipstick on, making that change with your hair…that can all lead to so much more. I am constantly renewing and changing and moving forward.”
A couple of Mallios’ top customers comment: Holmdel’s Lisa Way says, “I’ve been a Seacret customer since Melissa started in the business and after placing my first order I was hooked.  I started with the peeling gel which is my favorite, then the face wash and moisturizer.  Then I moved on to the mud masks, the eye creams, the body butter and the salt & oil scrub…. and their nutrition supplements have me addicted! I love the CC Cream and I am able to wear only the CC cream on my face and feel so comfortable in my skin. Melissa has been an amazing, helpful and generous agent and I’m so thankful to her for introducing me to Seacret.  Holmdel’s Rene Lutrell adds, “As a working mom of three girls, I love Melissa’s positive, upbeat outlook on the daily struggles of life.  I find her to be so inspiring, especially the days when I just don’t know how I will get it all done. Melissa encourages women to know that it is ok to take time for themselves and not to feel guilty about it.  I have been buying Seacret products from her for about a year and I absolutely LOVE all the products. My daughters love the shampoo and conditioner and the Magical Brush and Mascara.  My favorite Seacret product is a tie between Seacret’s Salt and Oil Scrub and the M4 Magnetic Mud Masque.”
Mallios is often celebrating and this month she’s making a toast to being one of the top 5 Seacret agents in the world who is recognized for enrolling the most new agents.  Currently Mallios has nearly 50 agents on her team.  Her record for retention and productivity of them is unusually high. Alysson Annunziata is a member of Melissa’s sales team and says, “ Melissa is one of the most genuinely nice women I have ever met. Being a mom of two children, I kind of felt like over time I had lost my identity as an independent woman.  When I decided to take a step outside my comfort zone and join one of her work out groups, she let me into her world.  It was life changing, her positivity is infectious and she motivates me daily. Her spunkiness is so uplifting.  I joined her sales team almost a year ago and the experience has been life changing. She has encouraged me to build my self confidence, and now I am a fearless leader and a mentor to others.  I thank Melissa every day for sharing her Seacret with me.  The simple joy of changing people’s lives one face at time is now my Seacret.  Making someone feel beautiful in their bare skin is the best feeling in the world. The company and products are so amazing that you don’t have to be a ‘sales person,’ all I need to do is share the products and I gain SA’s (Seacret Addicts)! The products sale themselves!” 
On what drives her passion professionally Mallios says, “I love making people happy and I also absolutely love a challenge. You bet that as soon as I hear about a new product we are launching, I already have it in my mind that I’m going to market the hell out of it.  If I try it and love it then my goal is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience the product and that my team and I sale more volume than anyone!  I don’t know of any other company that is so generous.  Seacret rewards high performing sales agents with everything from cash, to iPads, trips, car payments… I believe there is no better network marketing company to work for than Seacret.”  
In her personal life Melissa partners with her husband in buying homes and totally redoing them.  Recently they bought a large but according to Melissa ‘in need of a Mallios makeover’ home in Colts Neck on five acres of beautifully tree lined property. Mallios says, “We are selling our family home in Holmdel, that we had completely remodeled a few years ago. We remodeled every inch of that house and it was grueling, but in the end it was so rewarding to see and live in the final product. We now took on another very challenging much larger home on five acres in Colts Neck. Demetri and I know the huge job ahead of us to get the home to where we want it, but it will be our masterpiece and we are up for the challenge and have our eye on the reward.  We are so excited because the town reminds me more of where I grew up and a big bonus for us is that Colts Neck has full time kindergarten which we still have time to utilize for our youngest child! Yayy!” 
Melissa and Demetri have two young children together and Demetri has two grown sons from a previous marriage. Melissa says a perfect day for her is, “Demetri and I with all four children, just kicking back and enjoying the simple things in life. My husband had many obstacles in his life but he always kept going and worked hard to build his success for our family.  He’s so smart, with an extremely high IQ.  He has the brains and I have the street smarts, so we balance great!  We inspire each other and Demetri has my same motto of never giving up on your dream.” 
When asked about the perfect local date night for her and her husband, Melissa says, “We love Red Bank, that’s ‘our town’ and our favorite spot to dine there is Char! The food is delish and the staff is excellent. We go for a drink at Gotham afterwards and they usually have a singer or a small band and we can enjoy a great date night just minutes from home. Now if you are talking about my favorite date anywhere, well that would have to be with my husband’s family in Greece. When you are there you have a date night with the whole family, everyone together! We just shared a month there with our children and Demetri’s family who live there and it is just the most amazing, most beautiful place on earth.  I cried when I left and I NEVER cry!” 
In close we asked Melissa what her number one message would be to inspire others; “Surround yourself with positive people. If someone is negative or you sense envy, remove yourself from their company and move on to where you are appreciated and where you can share your gifts. It’s all about giving the best you have and expecting the best from others.  That takes honesty and being real and with me you can always count on that!”

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