COLTS NECK, N.J. – A Motivational Speaker from the Tony Robbins Institute, 'Peak Performance Strategist' Scott Gass, served up positive energy and creative problem solving techniques for members and guests of The Colts Neck Business Association (CNBA), during a popular event Monday night. The energy started at 6PM at Huddy’s Inn at their new location on Route 537, near Rt. 34.  Huddy's Inn boasts 11,000 square feet of space and hosts up to 175 guests. 

Positive energy and motivating ideas were on the menu as well as enough networking ideas to power their businesses for the next six months. According to Scott Gass, "It's all about BS! That is, Belief Systems".

"Visualize success and have fun!" commented Gass. "The best of the best are authentic".

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The seminar used storytelling to discuss patterns of behavior and habits of both success and failure. The interactive setting was designed to allow the folks present to take ownership of the discussion so they could contemplate the areas that resonated for them in both their business and personal lives.

According to Greg Calderaro, VP,  "The CNBA continues to strive to fulfill our mission by offering events that promote growth and prosperity for our members and community. The Tony Robbins seminar with Scott Gass was an excellent opportunity for business owners to examine how they do business and change their patterns to be more successful."  

Gass drew in the crowd. “If we do the same things all the time, we get the same result”. Gass said. “When our unconscious patterns come up against our knowledge, our unconscious patterns almost always win”.

Issues such as procrastination and fear and other mental detritus that interferes with success were peeled back so a natural sense of positive energy emerged. "The people who struggle the most are the people without a mentor or coach" said Gass.

The audience was asked to put on their coaching hats and they walked together through mentoring steps to move beyond limiting beliefs so the success of the members was assured in the months and years to come."This is the best market and this is the best time" said Gass. The meaning was that there is no better time than right now. "Accomplish at a high level. Win the game of life with base hits". said Gass

Other concepts discussed:

  • Belief = Certainty
  • Mind Storming
  • 123 Many (brainstorming techniques)

The program was interactive and included goal setting, relationship building, wealth, health and more. Positive results were certainly on hand for the Colts Neck Business Association as visiting guests joined the CNBA on the spot!

The owners of Huddy's are Sal Asaro of Middletown and Raymond Longobardi of Colts Neck. They reopened on February 11, 2017. 

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Scott Gass also shared information on an upcoming Tony Robbins event at  and use promo code SGNEWYORK2017 at checkout.

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