For Holmdel and Colts Neck residents interested in making sure their trees thrive, we need to look towards experts in the field. TAPinto Holmdel & Colts Neck has one for you!

One item which is not often thought about from homeowners is the issue of roots that grow around the base of a tree. You may have a tree that is not thriving and you're having difficulty pinpointing why - there may be a reason.

Bartlett tree experts with an office in Red Bank provides services as many other similar companies do to perform what is called tree girdling removal. the girdling results from root structures that encircle the circumference of the tree - often under mounds of mulch - creating a situation where the trees do not grow very well. They become unhealthy through the process of tree girdling.

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Companies such as Bartlett utilize air cutters and other tools to free your trees from the root structures that are creating a problem 

When you free the tree from unnecessary and constricting root structures, it can grow and thrive. We learn something new every day.