"The Veteran Care Service team's focus on benefits for our Veterans really fills a void in our society. They carry the banner that says don't forget the sacrifice these men and women have made for our Country! They provide a clear and concise way for these folks to access the benefits and programs that they earned, need and deserve." Ron T.

NEW JERSEY: As always, Veteran Care Services is committed to assisting veterans and their families in their time of need. During these turbulent times, families want to keep those they love safe at home. Veteran Care Services can help provide guidance for obtaining the necessary financial assistance to allow veterans access to their preferred care plan. The VA has remained open throughout, and we have been experiencing a quicker than usual approval process. Additional staff is working continuously to provide a smooth application process amidst the existing uncertainty. 

With the gradual reopening of the state, Veteran Care Services has been working remotely to ensure that all veterans and their families are receiving access to the benefits they need for their home care needs. For the continued safety of all, Veteran Care Services will maintain a remote presence and is available for phone or teleconferencing options. Benefits advisors are always on call and can guide Veterans through the benefit process explore all options.

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Veteran Care Services is committed to be a resource to senior Veterans and their families facing long-term care. There are millions of senior Veterans currently in the United States, and many of them need care and assistance with their daily living activities. The costs for such care can be astronomical, and proper planning is crucial, in order to preserve one’s assets and avoid running out of money.

There are many benefits and options that Veterans are entitled to. Making sense of these benefits, knowing which direction and which options best suit an individual’s situation, and navigating the bureaucratic maze can be impossible for anyone without extensive knowledge and experience.

It is Veteran Care Service's mission to educate senior Veterans and their families, as well as care givers and all those servicing seniors, about the various benefits that are available. It is our commitment to assist these Veterans and their families and guide them through the steps necessary to choose and facilitate the options that fit each individual set of needs and circumstances. Sometimes Veterans, their spouse or widow, may be unaware of the benefits they are entitled to. Veteran Care Services helps get the Veteran or their family what they deserve.  To visit the Veteran Care Services website, click HERE. 

Email: Info@VeteranCareServices.com  |  Phone: 855.292.1210  |  Fax: 800.803.0424