HOLMDEL, NJ - One of the most famous and  photographed areas of Holmdel's springtime streetscape may be about to see a change. Holland Road, a main roadway towards the Holmdel High School is the well known home of dual line of iconic Pear Trees. Countless thousands of photographs of the roadway have been taken. The 'oohs and ahhs' of those who drive underneath the white canopy of flowers in the spring well known.

Pear trees, however, are not the most vigorous tree and are susceptible to storm damage. Over the years, the area has been impacted by major storms and the canopy, while remaining gorgeous in the spring, is not as mature as it once was due to new plantings that replaced damaged trees.

According to a plan put forth by Committeeman Mike Nikolis and the Environmental Committee he serves on, the plan is to cut them all down.

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2018 Board Members involved in the Environmental Commission are:

  • David Wolff, Board Chairman
  • Chris Yonclas, Vice Chair / DEP Contact
  • Mauricio Leal, Planning Board Liaison
  • Anthony Salerno 
  • Anthony Salerno, Jr.
  • Sam Taddeo
  • Marcy McMullen
  • Mike Nikolis
  • Loretta Coscia, Board Secretary

Nikolas stated at the July 17th Township Committee meeting, "We are in the process of getting quotes for replacing the infamous and very photogenic pear trees on Holland Road. Now, I know it's a very iconic view and image of Holmdel coming down Holland Road in the spring and you seeing the pear trees. However, anybody that knows anything about pear trees is that while they look nice and are very beautiful they also smell horribly and are susceptible to disease and fall down.

He wants to replace them with either Dogwood or Cherry. "As soon as we have more information on that, we will bring it forward", Nikolas said.

His remarks can be viewed at minute 25:30 on the video here (courtesy CILU):