Holmdel Residents,


I moved here over a decade ago for one reason, our schools!  My goal was to give my children better opportunities than I had growing up.  But after living here all these years and being fully engrossed in the system, I believe I can do more and help more by volunteering on the Holmdel Board of Education. 


The passing of the 2020 initiative highlights the need for change and progress as signaled by you, the residents of Holmdel! It shows you want to modernize our schools, update our facilities, and put more into our future, our children. This is the time to raise the bar, to maximize the resources and make a difference.

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The following are my goals if elected for the board:

1) Work on raising our academic standards for ALL the kids in Holmdel. It has been my experience that people will rise to the level of expectation.So lets provide an environment where growth is fostered.

2) Increase level of communication/transparency between the superintendent/teachers/board and the community.  The approved plans should be laid out to all and adhered to. It should also be delivered via town hall forums and all parent feedback should be welcomed and taken into consideration.

3) Fiscal responsibility.  Stretch our 2020 initiative dollars as far as possible. Let’s keep all our residents abreast of the progress, communicate step by step and make sure goals are adhered to.

4) Common sense goals and plan for education.  User friendly Holmdel Board of Ed webpage whereby anyone can navigate the website, learn about the test scores and know the district’s long term/short term objectives and plans based on these scores.

5) Encourage a high level of professional development for our teachers. This increase is directly related to the increase in our children’s education levels.

6) Parent input – In every company I’ve ever worked for feedback to senior leadership is not only encouraged but it’s sought out.  Parents should be given an opportunities to give ongoing feedback  to the school about things such as teachers, buses, learning content and learning environment.  I believe in feedback being crucial to progress.

7) We are very fortunate to have some amazing children in Holmdel.  I have had the privilege of coaching many of them over these years in various sports.  These children are a product of their home environment.  Therefore it’s a great idea to tap into our amazing parents too.  They have ideas on how to better our educational system, let’s hear them! Let’s create a forum for a free flow of ideas to elevate education in Holmdel. There should be no fear to  have their voices heard! Instead we can work as a very large team.


In my professional life, my work cannot get done without the help of others. We hire great people, empower them with the tools they need and work tirelessly side by side understanding the issues, offering guidance and reaching the goals. This experience along with my hands on involvement in numerous arenas of Holmdel athletics, deems me a candidate with a deep understanding of what our town could benefit from. Vote for a Board of Education that believes in transparency, in progress and most of all in our children. Vote for me if you share my vision. November 7th.


Dan Bodnar