Holmdel School District is currently undergoing a dramatic transformation over the next three years with the implementation of the $40M Holmdel 2020 Initiative, principal shifts at three schools and changes in standardized test (PARCC).  As we face these challenges, the community must have strong experienced leadership on the Board of Education.  Over the past six years, I have had the honor to serve Holmdel as a member and president of the Board of Education.  I worked extremely hard for our children, parents and taxpayers with a track record of proven results.  

As Board of Education President in 2016 and 2017

• Initiated and drove the successful adoption of the Holmdel 2020 Initiative to transform the district’s infrastructure to support our arts, athletics and academic aspirations.   

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• Achieved Top 10 NJ Schools Ranking by systematically improving Holmdel School District - Holmdel Ranked #7 in 2016 NJ Monthly High School Rankings 

• Improved our students’ college and work force preparations with career path concentrations

As Chairman of the Budget & Finance Committee and Building Grounds & Safety Committee

• Minimized tax impact of Holmdel 2020 Initiative by over 30% from what the voters approved 

• Revamped the safety of our schools by adding SRO and Class 3 police officers 

• Improved our athletics (new stadium lighting), academics (computers) and arts (dance and music instructors) infrastructure.  

• Refinanced our debt saving taxpayers thousands of dollars

As Chairman of the Community Relations Committee and Special Service Committee

• Successfully implemented new Holmdel School District website

• Significantly increased public relations with 300% increase in press releases and journal articles

• Rebranded the school district with Innovate to Elevate mission

• Expanded community participation in Team Unify events resulting in Special Olympics funding 

I am passionate about improving my community and keeping this school district performing as one of the top 10% districts in the state.  With three children in the district at three different schools, I understand the merits/challenges of each school and I am motivated to improve them.  My background as a retired Air Force officer and a Global Alliances Director for Nokia brings extensive international, business and technical experience.  As an active coach and volunteer for HYAA, HFC, St. Catharine’s Church, HFA, and HFEE, I am truly dedicated to this community.  I understand the diverse requirements placed on our education system and how to achieve outstanding results.  

My goals for the next three years for this school district are: 

1. Successfully implement Holmdel 2020 Initiative on time and under budget including Full Day Kindergarten to ensure our children have the best academic, arts and athletic infrastructure 

2. Expand Students’ Career and College opportunities by partnering with business leaders, seniors citizens, and universities

3. Keep Taxes Low with intelligent fiscal management and expanded financing options

Now is the time to have experienced leaders who understand the personnel, programs and unique challenges of Holmdel School District.  I will bring all of my past experience, knowledge and passion to bear as a member of Holmdel’s Board of Education.   Holmdel deserves the best and I will faithfully serve its parents, students and residents to the best of my abilities.  I ask for your support and vote on November 6th.