HOLMDEL, NJ - Statement from Mayor Hinds:

"As Mayor, I have always made being a taxpayer advocate my highest priority. My record of delivering zero based budgets is well-known.  As a candidate I have held myself to a similar high standard in the conduct of the campaign. Specifically, I am not participating in the mud and fake chaos created by the Independent candidates and my former running mate, Mike Nikolis. 

In sports, there are winners and there are losers. We experience the joy of victory and the agony of defeat. Then, we move on. That didn't happen this year. Deputy Mayor Mike Nikolis ran against me in the Republican Primary and lost. Ignoring the voters, he has been working with my general election opponents to disrupt our honest services as elected officials.

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Holmdel voters have lost a full year of honest work. While Mr. Nikolis spent over 60,000 dollars of your money on witch-hunt attorney Sean Kean, he was forced to admit in public that he personally attended Kean's Assembly fundraiser during the investigation. Another campaigner for the Independents, Committeeman Rocco Pascucci, made terrible comments about our female administrator that I won't repeat here. You simply can't make this stuff up.

Taxpayers have been forced to spend or commit over a million dollars through a payout to the former administrator who left in good standing. She is being replaced with a new administrator with a multi-year contract valued at over $750,000. Imagine the work we could accomplish with those funds and rational behavior.

To add insult to injury, they just passed, with cowardice as I was not present, a motion to censure me for language in a draft agenda that was written by full-time staff and vetted by the Township Attorney. The agenda item in question related to sports fields for children to play on and enjoy with their peers and coaches. It is truly a shame and the voters should take note of the assault on our fine community.

The actions of the majority of the Holmdel Committee Tuesday night show no regard for process or accountability. Tuesday night they also rejected my calls for a full financial audit and investigation and it's plain to see why. They have taken the low road and have no concern for Holmdel's great reputation.

My fiduciary responsibility to the community and high road during the campaign will not waiver and will not fail. The also pulled the fake censure trick. Just in time for Halloween.

To be clear, the fake censure resolution has zero credibility or merit and was slammed through at the last meeting prior to the election. The fact that they did it while I was not in attendance is further proof of their political agenda, lack of vision and direct coordination with my general election opponents. The proof will be in the campaign mail when the inexperienced Independents with nothing to offer continue to do the dirty work for an elected official who lost his primary election and can't get over it.

Voters are smarter than that.

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