Running for Re-Election to  the Holmdel Board of Education is an honor and a privilege for this kid who grew up in town since the age of 1.

When I walk through Village School while visiting our son in First Grade, I am mindful not only of the new steps of the children who are educated there, I walk in my own shoes from many years ago when I attended Village School as a young boy. It is the same blessing for me when I visit Indian Hill School where our twin daughters now attend fourth grade and Holmdel High School where our daughter is a Senior. Making sure the schools are the best they can be in every way is of deep consequence to me, my wife and four children. I am confident you and your family feel the same way.

These retraced steps give me a profound sense of pride and purpose due to the shared experience I have with the current students in the schools I also attended. This unique perspective is brought to each and every Holmdel Board of Education meeting.

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It is also reflected in my singular goal to do all things well and in keeping with our shared mission of ensuring Holmdel Schools are not reminiscing about being Number One – that we be  Number One.

School operations, however, are not the place for ‘wistful’ thinking. They are a place where we manage a spend of nearly 100 million dollars, inclusive of the annual budget and recently passed referendum. We also ensure that fair and equitable labor agreements are crafted, infrastructure and safety needs are met and both the staff and curriculum available to your children are top notch. Activities such as sports, theater and more all deserve our attention and care. The bottom line - we need to do all things well, all the time. Period.

As a professional public sector manager with 20 years of experience in both elected and appointed management positions, you also have a candidate with experience in both crafting administrative policy and on carrying it out. Full circle for you and your family.

A Holmdel School Board Member is charged with making sure our schools are well run. You have my commitment to do just that.


Would you like to get involved? Great!

1. Property sign - more signs are available if you can send an address to - they will be placed and promptly removed after the election

2. Support with a donation (25/50/100/etc.) to 'friends of terence wall for holmdel board of education' po box 711 holmdel nj 07733

3. Coffee or tea at any house anytime we can schedule it - allows a direct opportunity to meet neighbors and hear your issues

4. Please Vote Wall either Absentee or in person on November 6th from 6AM to 8PM