The State Assembly sets legislation that respects and keeps officers safe. Every day, police are called to dangerous situations such as domestic violence or suspected drug deals. Limiting illegal access to firearms and promoting responsible gun ownership helps keep our police safe. To further this goal, a number of responsible gun storage laws were passed, the Certain Persons not to have Weapons statute was expanded to include those convicted of the crime of carjacking, and a Red Flag law specific to people charged with domestic violence was created. The incumbent Assemblywoman either voted against the legislation or did not show up to vote. 

The Assembly can legislate initiatives for shared services of municipalities, and school districts. While mandatory regionalization County wise may not be a good idea, there are districts that can regionalize and should (Middletown is already large enough).  Shared services with other districts is viable and a good idea to control taxes. As for municipality consolidation, it’s possible to consolidate garbage pick up rather than having four different company trucks destroying the roads and adding to the pothole problem. 

The Assembly can legislate tax incentives for small businesses allowing Mom and Pop businesses to flourish again. The incumbent has failed to do so. In the last 2 years there has been no meaningful legislation to come from the incumbents, no advocacy for the needs of LD13.  Freeholder Scharfenberger worked for and Assemblywoman DiMaso volunteered for prior Governor Christie. Their ideas are the same old partisan politics that did not work for New Jersey or LD13. It is time for a change. 

This November 5th your wallet, your family, your quality of life is up for election, that is why it is so important to vote on November 5th for two women who will and can get results for LD13: vote for Allison Friedman and Barbara Singer for Assembly. 

-Assembly Candidates, LD13, Allison Friedman and Barbara Singer