Business Enhancement Services & Training Consulting Owner and founder Sherilyn Przelomski, SHRM-SCP brings more than 20 years of HR and business consulting experience to her clients. Her expertise includes professional HR consulting services in the areas of recruitment of professional employees, benefits management, salary administration and job classification, training and development, records management, and employee relations. Here is advice from Przelomski on an audit: 

During this pandemic many businesses are dealing with unfortunate circumstances on top of existing issues to be resolved.  One of the most unsettling letters that a business owner or organization may ever receive is a letter from the Department of Labor (DOL) stating that you have been selected to be audited. Many thoughts and emotions run through your mind at the time of this letter, especially so when you realize that the DOL has given you a very short window of time to respond to have all your files in order. The laws are not as simple as they seem and are much more complex, and quickly becoming more challenging than ever before. By understanding a DOL audit process, employers will be better prepared to handle a DOL audit to avoid the costly fines. It only takes having one employee to be in an audit. My business was audited and I can walk you through in detail the steps of a personal DOL audit. I can also discuss the DOL audit of one of my clients who faced a $75,000 fine.

There are many areas of susceptibility I have found that led me to my own personal DOL audit, and the DOL audits of my clients.

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Areas of Susceptibility

  • Improper minimum wage and overtime payments.

  • Hours of work that have not been recorded or paid properly.

  • Working employees who do not meet the minimum age requirements.

  • Improperly compensating employees - exempt vs non-exempt or employee vs contracted


  • Misrepresentation of personnel, payroll or time-keeping records.

  • Improper payroll deductions on garnishees, tools, uniforms, and company merchandise.

    Important Questions to Ask Yourself

  • If a DOL investigator conducted an investigation of your organization today, would you be in full compliance?

  • What would your employee(s) say if they were interviewed by an investigator?

  • Have you performed a self-audit in the past year of your practices, personnel policies, and

    payroll records meet all the latest requirements of the Federal Wage-Hour Division?

    Remember the three P’s in an audit.

  • It’s Personal! What is personal and confidential is no longer.

  • Proactive. Consider a self-audit.

  • Patience. The audit does take time, a lot of time!

Should you like a consultation, feel free to contact me. 

Sherilyn Przelomski, SHRM-SCP, has over 25 years of HR experience. In 2010, after many years in corporate HR, Sherilyn founded her own consulting business, Business Enhancement Services & Training Consulting LLC. Her company provides customized services for HR clients supporting their day-to-day business operations providing direction to businesses in the recruitment of professional employees, benefits management, salary administration and job classification, training and development, records management, and employee relations. Sherilyn earned a BA in Hospitality Management from Washington State University. Sherilyn believes in the importance of volunteering in the community and serves on the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Board and is on the Board for the Community Affairs & Resource Center. 

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