HOLMDEL, NJ - On Monday, March 25, State Legislators will consider voting to legalize recreational pot, likely following Colorado in the increase in drug addiction, accidents and death with the push for legalized recreational marijuana. 

Not to be confused with medical marijuana, this is  recreational pot. I read an editorial  from former Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini. Thank goodness for her leadership on the issue.

She stated:

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"Despite the recent successes of the legalization forces, there is little debate among the medical and scientific community that marijuana is a harmful, addictive drug which is why legalization is opposed by nearly all of the country’s major public health associations.  

Nonetheless, many states have bowed to the legalization push for a variety of reason, including the promise of untold millions in tax revenues from legalized pot as well as a presumed reduction in law enforcement costs.   Unfortunately, many of these hoped for benefits have not lived up to the rosy predictions of the pro-pot advocates.  

In fact, Colorado sales tax revenues have fallen well short of expectations and, according to the state’s Attorney General, Colorado still has a vibrant marijuana black market and many marijuana-related crimes have not decreased.  It’s no wonder why officials have publicly stated  marijuana legalization is “not worth it”.     

Moreover, those pushing legalization rarely mention—nor do they dispute—the significant effects that marijuana has on its users and, in particular, on young people.  For instance, they don’t talk about the high school students who told researchers that they are more likely to use marijuana if it were legal.  Nor do they talk about how heavy pot use impairs the developing brain or the 1 in 6 young people who become addicted to this drug." 

The highly funded recreational pot lobby has done a fantastic job at convinving some legislators with alleged tax benefits.

So, on Monday, the NJ Legislature is voting up or down to permit young adults to legally buy and get high.

Wish your local police department luck. They will need it.

Need more data? Google Colorado and Marijuana. It is bad policy.

Hope they vote smart in Trenton Monday, March 25th.  With enough 'No' votes, Trenton can act in a bright and enlightened manner, end the discussion and focus on issues that matter to New Jersey families.


publishers note: in the interest of full transparency, the writer is the spouse of the publisher.