Letter to the Editor:

Growing up in Holmdel as a lifelong resident, I attended all Holmdel Schools. Today, my wife and I have four children who walk the very same hallways. It is a unique and special opportunity. It also is a privilege to serve as a twice elected member of the Holmdel Board of Education. I respect the voters support by taking the role seriously. It's why I'm writing today. I'm writing to share where one of my family's votes will be cast in the upcoming election.

My belief is that we can do all things well in our educational system by working together to support initiatives that make sense, fixing what is broken and working together in a positive and transparent way to get great things done.

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That requires leadership.

It requires good people who truly care about getting the right things done. As a board member, this is what I look for in a candidate. A good person who cares about getting great things done. It's simple, really.

Thus, I'm writing to share that my family is supporting a proven leader, Joe Hammer, for Holmdel Board of Education. Here is an excerpt from his bio:

Joe previously served on the Holmdel Board of Education. He is a retired Air Force officer and currently works as an Exec VP of Business Development for AlefEdge.  He brings extensive international, business and technical experience to the Board.  As an active coach and volunteer for HYAA, HFC, St. Catharine’s Church, HFA, and HFEE, he is truly dedicated to this community.  He understands the diverse requirements placed on our education system and how to achieve outstanding results.  

Joe Hammer is passionate about improving the community and keeping this school district performing as one of the top 10% districts in the state.  With three children who have been in all four schools, he understands the merits/challenges of each school and is motivated to improve them.  

I can share with you this: Joe is a smart man and a good man. He is a great husband and father. He is genuine and so importantly, he cares. This quality is, quite frankly, not common in elected officials. Joe has his own opinions and can articulate his views in a thoughtful and open manner.  It is the rare person who is precisely as he appears - honest, thoughtful, hardworking and a man of integrity.

It does exist in elected officials. You just need to look harder.

Joe Hammer. One of the easiest votes to cast in the Holmdel Board of Education election.


By Terence M. Wall

Writing individually and not on behalf of the Holmdel Board of Education