Holmdel has been working to meet its affordable housing obligations (“COAH”) while trying to balance the location, density, physical aesthetics, and fiscal impact to the town.

Upon reviewing legal documents related to a COAH lawsuit involving Holmdel, I discovered that Mayor Tom Critelli is named in the lawsuit as having either a direct or an indirect interest in one of the properties that is being considered for COAH housing. 

In December 2015, then Committeeman Tom Critelli’s company purchased a property at North Beers Street that is now one of the four sites being considered for development as part of Holmdel’s plan to meet its COAH obligation.

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 It appears that the proposed development for this property would be zoned to have up to 16 units per acre, and a building height of up to 4 stories; making it one of the highest-density developments in Holmdel. This will forever change the landscape of Holmdel and could set a precedent for future development.  It will also impact our infrastructure and schools.  The recently passed $40 million referendum for our schools did NOT consider the impact these developments would have on student enrollment.  Furthermore, this property is currently on the market for sale, so it appears this might be a “flip” sale for a quick profit now that it might be zoned as one of the highest-density developments in Holmdel.

An intervener’s attorney filed papers citing the above conflict of interest by Mayor Critelli.  So, our tax dollars will now be used to defend this lawsuit brought on by the suspected impropriety of Mayor Critelli.

Holmdel residents deserve to have an explanation as well as transparency, accountability and integrity from our governing body.

It is “Time For Change”, which is why I am running as an Independent candidate for Township Committee.

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