Dear Editor

 I love U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin’s slogan, “Send in a Marine.”  Every time I see his bus with the “Send in a Marine” slogan it makes me smile.  I believe this is exactly what Washington D.C. needs.  Since the passing of Senator McCain we could use a real Marine in Washington to clean up the stench left by someone like Senator Menendez.

 Senator Menendez was indicted on 14 counts of corruption and the bi-partisan Senate Ethics committee "severely admonished" him for accepting gifts from a friend and campaign donor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, and ordered him to repay their value.  It is hard to believe that Democrats are still supporting Menendez for reelection? What has happened to our politics? Is politics more important than ethics and principal?  To me it’s not and that is why I am voting for Bob Hugin for U.S. Senate.

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John De Andrea 

US Veteran