Dear Holmdel Residents,

My name is Marcy McMullen and I’m writing to you both as the official Chairwoman of the Holmdel Republican County Committee, and your neighbor. 

In the days and weeks before an election, political rhetoric can get a little 'over the top'. This is especially true when there are Republicans running against other Republicans in a primary. Tuesday, June 4th is Primary Election Day and there have been a lot of accusations and misinformation spread by some of the candidates. I want to set the record straight.

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For the last several years, Democrats have tried to scare you with stories of overdevelopment, traffic and overcrowded schools. Of course none of it was true. So it is a little disappointing to see some Republicans using the Democrat's playbook to spread fake news.

The Republicans on the Township Committee, led by Mayor Eric Hinds, developed Bell Works responsibly and have consistently kept taxes under control while preserving the rural charm of Holmdel. Chiung-Yin Liu has served for nine years on the Board of Education where she has shown her commitment to fiscal disclipline.

They are the official Republican candidates and they are both opposed to any developement which would change our way of life in Holmdel.

I have lived in Holmdel for 29 years. I raised 4 children here and have spent many years involved in our community in various capacities. Under no circumstances would I support candidates who wanted to fundamentally change the things that we all love about Holmdel.

On June 4th, I urge you to ignore the fake news and vote column 1, the offiical Republican line: Gerald Sharfenberger and Serena DiMaso for Assembly, Shaun Golden for Sheriff, Tom Arnone and Nick DiRocco for Freeholder and Chiung-Yin Liu and Mayor Eric Hinds for Township Committee.

That's Liu and Hinds for Holmdel Township Committee and please note that the real and official Republican Facebook site for Holmdel Republicans is: Holmdel NJ Republicans 


Respectfully Yours, 

Marcy McMullen

Chair of Holmdel's Republican County Committee