MIDDLETOWN, NJ - Middletown library visitors had a “virtual” blast on Saturday, at the Middletown Library Makers Day event. It was a demonstration of virtual reality technology with Holmdel based oasisVRX. 

What is Virtual Reality?

According to oasisVRX Managing Partner Todd Schobel, "Virtual Reality is an emerging medium in which an artificial experience is created and presented in such a way that the user believes they are in a real environment. The software creates a way of transporting yourself into another world without moving and then gives you the ability to interact with that environment.. fundamentally changing the way we live, work and play. New technologies are transforming our world and VR is a big part of that."

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At the #METROBURB in Holmdel's Bell Works, you will have the ability to experience VR firsthand in oasisVRX's state of the art VR center. The location is equipped with over 20 VR stations and features a vast library of experiences suited for individual, multi–player and wireless free-roam experiences. 

At the Middletown library, once parents saw how much fun VR can be they starting cutting in line! OasisVRX is excited to finally open their VR Center in May, at Bell Works, 101 Crawfords Corner Road in Holmdel.

VIDEO: Watch the VR fun with oasisVRX at the Middletown Library:

Schobel comments, "We provide the perfect location for corporate events and team building, birthday parties, celebratory milestones and special occasions, fundraisers and educational programs. Or, maybe you just want to host a private party with friends… reach us at fun@oasisvrx.com and book your event today!"

The big, big world is certainly growing smaller every day. It is now also becoming more virtual.

For more information about oasisVRX click here. 

Parties are booking daily and new jobs will be available as well. You can apply at joinus@oasisvrx.com.

Having Fun is the only qualification!