HOLMDEL, NJ: Altrui Foundation has recently added MAP International to its board of distributors, an organization that helps deliver medication across the world, from disaster-ridden regions to impoverished communities. 

Founded in 1954 by J. Raymond Knighton, MAP International has been working to facilitate millions of dollars worth of medication internationally to individuals in need. MAP International, with headquarters in Brunswick, Georgia, addresses the quantity of drugs and medicine in the United States, and the lack of such in other countries, whose hospitals and humanitarian centers have been unable to provide the ill with proper treatment and care. 

What's the need? Roughly 2 billion individuals around the world cannot access or even afford basic medication. This includes brand-name products, such as Tylenol, Advil, Claritan, and Benadryl, as well as prescription medication, like Amoxicillin, Acetaminophen, and Melatonin. Imagine life in which your basic health necessities were nowhere close to being met. This is the case for a third of our world’s population, and similarly to Altrui Foundation, MAP International has taken crucial steps to break down the boundaries of healthcare inequity and is working to establish equivocal access to resources for everyone. 

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To further elaborate, MAP has donated over 500 million USD worth of medication to more than 13 million people across the globe, including antibiotics, fever reducers, prenatal vitamins, and much more in medical supplies. Around the world, the cost of healthcare is rising, which is rapidly heightening the disparity between those who can and can’t afford it. Through organizations like MAP, the access to health essentials is becoming more and more balanced, as they continue to aid in the relief and restoration of underserved communities.

In an effort to further their social impact stance, MAP International has various programs designed to address disease, disaster, and despair in disadvantaged communities. These include the Chronic Disease Program, Mental Health Program, Long-term Health Development Program, Disaster Preparedness Program, Surgical Supplies Program, and so many more. 

MAP International has partnered with organizations and corporations in the past to further their goals, and Altrui Foundation has been graced with the opportunity to work with them. Both organizations adhere to the guidelines of corporate social responsibility, making the partnership a perfect match to build upon the leaps in impact that both Altrui and MAP International have made. 

Altrui Foundation has currently donated over 2 million dollars worth of medication and is continuing to take big steps in the impact sector. To learn more, visit Altrui Foundation online, and stay updated with their latest impact stories here.   

Altrui Foundation is a nonprofit organization, stemming from Holmdel, New Jersey. Their goal is to address healthcare inequity around the world, specifically by tackling the market of unused medication. Altrui Foundation has partnered with pharmaceutical manufacturers and charitable institutions in their effort to ensure equality for everyone around the world.