HOLMDEL (April 16, 2019) – As part of its annual “Spirit Week” activities, the William R. Satz School will “turn back the clock” this Thursday and celebrate the 50th birthday of the school’s opening by examining what a typical day in middle school might have looked like in 1968-1969.

For instance, classes in Math will do a comparison of prices of common items like milk, bread, a gallon of gas, while classes in Social Studies will study the politically turbulent times of the era (Vietnam and the MLK and RFK assassinations).  In Science, students will examine the science fiction aspects of two of the biggest films of the 1968-1969 school year (Planet of the Apes and A Space Odyssey: 2001) and in English classes students will be conduct “gallery walks,” engaging with lyrics of some of the era’s most impactful songs.

The day will conclude with a full-school viewing of the pilot episode of the iconic television series “The Wonder Years,” set in 1968. The pilot episode follows seventh grader Kevin Arnold and his introduction to middle school. Principal William Loughran said “viewing the episode will give our students a good idea of the fashion and other details of the time period but will also underscore that while some things change over time, other things remain the same.”

The William R. Satz School is due to receive a “facelift” in the year ahead as the Holmdel 2020 Initiative transforms the school with new state-of-the-art science labs, a robotics room and other innovative learning spaces.