Top Perks of Hiring a Corporate Limo Service - All Occasion Limousine Owner Steve Marchi shares key differentiators when choosing transportation services.

Top Perks of Hiring a Corporate Limo Service – As a business man or woman, you have a certain image to project onto clients, bosses and colleagues. Putting your best face forward often means pulling out all the stops when it comes to welcoming a client in from out of town for a big merger meeting, for example. How you handle this visit can make or break the deal.

A big part of all that is perception of your company. You don’t want to give the wrong impression and appear cheap. The best way to show you’re serious is to make your clients feel luxurious, important and special. The VIP treatment starts with transportation.

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If you’re hosting clients from another city or state, it’s your job to arrange meals, meetings, and yes, transportation. Everyone’s on a tight schedule. Plan ahead of time and impress your guests from the get-go. It could very well mean the difference between a deal and a deal breaker.

Here are some of the top benefits of a hiring a corporate limo service.

Intimate knowledge of the area: The streets in your town are burned into the memory of your limo driver. They are trained to know their way around not just in your community but surrounding ones as well. For those gaps in memory, they can use state of the art GPS units to guide them to the destination via the fastest and least congested route. They know the back roads, the shortcuts, the traffic peaks, and the areas that jam up at rush hour. Maybe they’ll even offer tidbits of historical information or fun facts to pass the time.

Time savings: This goes hand in hand with time savings. If you attempt to drive through rush hour in unfamiliar neighborhoods yourself, you’re likely to waste a lot of time and anxiety trying to make the meeting. Never let them see you sweat – this saying has never been more true than in corporate business!

Safety: They have clean driving records and must undergo several hours of training in order to be licensed. You and your clients can get to your destination safely because you know you’re in capable hands.

A good impression: There’s no better first impression than pulling up to the curb at the airport to pick up your latest client. This shows that you consider them an important guest worthy of their visit. Not only are you giving them the VIP treatment, you’re giving them a hassle-free ride to their hotel during which they can relax and decompress after a stressful flight.

You may think finding a limo company in New Jersey and then booking it is difficult. No way. We make it easy here at All Occasion Limo, where you can call us to book your next ride or just schedule it on our website. It’s quick and hassle-free! It’s worth every penny to impress your corporate clients, so call us at 732-264-2057 today. Mention TAPinto and SAVE 10% on your next ride!

All Occasion Limousine

All Occasion Limousine LLC has been family owned and operated since February 2013.  Owner and founder Steve Marchi started All Occasion Limousine LLC based on experience in ground transportation for over 25 years. Along with his experience, Steven created All Occasion  Limousine LLC  based on his personal goal to provide the most comfortable, reliable, and safest car service to the tristate area.

We offer competitive prices with no surcharges or late night premium pricing. With our advanced technology and secure website, clients may create reservations, modify existing, and obtain receipts.

Quality Assurance:

  • E-mailed Ride Confirmations
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Confirmation calls executed a day or two before
  • Flight Monitoring
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver Status Update
  • Driver Training
  • All Occasion Limousine LLC commitment to excellence and continual improvement assures our clients the best experience from the time they reserve their reservation, to the time they are taken to their destination. AOL LLC is looking for ways to improve the manner in which we do business by working with trained professionals and asking our clients to evaluate our service. Reservations are quick and easy whether you book online or through the phone. Existing customers can receive their login information for quick access to view trip history and account information. No login? Lost your information? No problem we can help you create a log in or email your account information to you.

Discounts: Ask us about our hourly packages for charities, travel agents, active military and veterans (honorable discharged).

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