HOLMDEL, N.J. -  Would you like access to high quality goods and services from small businesses in your own area? Do you have a company that provides them? A new company, Live.Shop.Buy, just launched out of Bell Works in Holmdel and aims to provide just that.  LiveShopBuy is a digital, hyper-local comprehensive e-commerce, education and technology platform that gives consumers a convenient way to shop locally and gives small businesses unrivaled exposure.

Joe Anselmo, Chairman and CEO, is also a member of the Holmdel Chamber of Commerce and is determined to help small business prosper and give back to the local community.

"In combining all top digital marketing mediums into one collaborative, cost-effective solution, we aim to help small businesses grow and compete against the large regional and national giants.
We use technology that allows shoppers to conduct search queries that display merchants in proximity to the zip code stored in the shopper’s home profile. This is different than other marketplaces, in which merchants with the most reviews and ratings get top billing. Shoppers also have the option of clicking an “I’m Traveling” option, which changes the search algorithm to look for merchants in their new current location." said Anselmo.

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The idea is to give small businesses unrivaled exposure in a cost effective manner. The story began when Anselmo noticed significant store vacancies. "My partner, Rich Hanley and I saw too many businesses closing and wanted to create a solution that would allow small business owners and their communities to grow." said Anselmo

At no cost to the small business owners, LiveShopBuy, offers a free website and social media marketing tools as well as business coaching and Geo-targeting technology and an online marketplace. All is provided in hopes of giving them the ability to more effectively promote their products and services.

Giving Back

The company is like an Amazon, Yellow Pages, Groupon and Yelp all in one, but exclusively for small to mid-size business. Part of the program, according to Anselmo, is giving back up to 5% of net profits to the communities from which sales originate. "We do this to help fund charitable programs for the homeless, senior care, food banks and families in distress." said Anselmo.

Anselmo said,  "I used to love going to the local hardware store, chatting with the local pharmacist and playing with animals at the local pet store. But now, as we seem to live in the land of big-box stores and mammoth online marketplaces, I believe many of those experiences have been stripped away. Because of this, we want to help carry small business' marketing and online commerce into the 21st century. This now gives local businesses the opportunity to come up on top in local searches and compete more effectively in their local area. Like never before, small merchants can socialize, advertise, and sell locally or to every corner of the country,  finally going toe-to-toe with the corporate giants."

LiveShopBuy gives back up to 5% of  net profits back into the communities where the sales originate to fund existing programs for the homeless, food banks, senior care and families in distress. 

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If you’re a small business you can register now for a free 'storefront' at https://LiveShopBuy.com