On Wednesday, August 13th, the Colts Neck Business Association featured guest speaker Lezlie Maret, president of ClearSky Life Transitions. Here's some great expert advice straight from Lezlie:

Emotional Intelligence is a big deal!  There is a lot of curiosity on the topic. But what exactly is emotional Intelligence and why is it so important? Emotional intelligence greases the wheels of social interaction. It's the ability to understand our own emotions and translate them into effectively communicating and relating to others. A man or woman who has high emotional intelligence tends to have better relationships, is more resilient and has more success in business than a person who has a shortfall in this area.

The good news is that you can increase your emotional intelligence. Here's how. It takes awareness, effort and plenty of practice. There are 5 difference components. The first step is to determine the areas that need improvement. Self-awareness is the most important step.  You can't improve if you don't know what to improve! The second, self-regulation also factors in. Being able to balance your emotions is very important. People who don't do this boil under the surface then erupt in a variety of unproductive ways. Thirdly, you need to be motivated by a desire to improve yourself. Think of yourself as a precious stone. Always polishing yourself. Always improving you.  If you truly care about others and how you affect them, you’re way ahead of the game. You possess empathy.  

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Empathy is being able to walk a mile in another’s' shoes. It also demonstrates an interest in another and caring about them. People with high emotional intelligence have lots of empathy. Lastly, social skills come from a person who is emotionally intelligence. This person can small-talk, has manners, is a good listener and more. They're a delight to be around and are definitely sought after. 

There is so much more to emotional intelligence. If you're interested in learning more or are interested in scheduling a workshop to give your business an "Emotional Intelligence Tune-Up", you've found the right company.  I'd love to help craft a custom workshop just for your organization. ClearSky Life Transitions infuses emotional intelligence into every service. 

It is a resource management company that helps men and women find creative solutions to complex life-altering events. Events such as post-deployment, retirement, divorce, separation, loss of employment and more can be helped by a custom 3 step action plan. ClearSky has a wide array of services focusing on personal needs and professional services. Professional services include workshops, seminars, conferences, team building and public speaking training. Every program is designed specifically for your company. 

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Lezlie Maret, M.A.

President and Life Transitions Professional

ClearSky Life Transitions