Sourish Jasti, reporting from Jangareddygudem, India.


This summer, I am travelling across Southern India and helping over 2,000 students get clean drinking water. Working through the Jasti Clean Water Initiative, I am providing clean drinking water to schools and communities. My latest “adopted school” was the Govt. MPPUP School Mysannagudam.


A brief explanation about Govt. Schools

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Unlike in the US, government schools (known as public schools in the states) are in extremely poor conditions and get little to no funding from the state. Almost all government schools lack the “standards” of American schools: air conditioning, fans, cleanliness, books/learning resources, and in some cases clean water.



The school is located in the outskirts of the city Jangareddygudem. The drive from Vijayawada, one of the major cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh, was over 3 hours. The roads were extremely underdeveloped in the rural areas; in one instance we took close to 20 minutes on a 1 km dirt road.


State: Andhra Pradesh

City: Jangareddygudem

Village: Mysannagudam


My Experience In The School

My time in this school was covered by a local news station that displayed video coverage of my demonstration and background. The students were organized into rows for an assembly style event. The school staff presented me with a flowers garland (a decorative wreath hung around a person's neck) and an honorary shawl in remembrance of the organization. I gave a small speech about my personal background about how I got into water purification research and founded JCWI and a live and interactive demonstration to the students and staff about how to use and maintain the filter. The people were amazed that a filter that weighed a mere 2 oz and could fit in the palm of your hand could purify 99.99999% of bacteria from their contaminated water.


What is JCWI?

JCWI (Jasti Clean Water Initiative) is an organization that strives to help provide access to clean water to underprivileged schools and communities in India.

Growing up in an Indian family and visiting India numerous times led me to be very aware of the lack of clean drinking water. What I saw led me to contribute to water purification research during the 2018-2019 school year, which won me $725 in research scholarships. Through JCWI, I hope to provide clean water for communities that cannot afford it on their own.

I finished my first fundraiser for JCWI in June and raised over $2000 from people in India and the Holmdel community.

For more information about JCWI, check out our website: