Hello Supporters of Holmdel Schools: 

Two years ago  you granted us the funds to purchase a shaking incubator.  I just want to share with you how useful this has been to all the research classes.  Aside from being used to grow bacterial colonies for the past two years (its original intended purpose). Yesterday one of my students is using it to conduct an experiment to turn old newspapers to glucose (and eventually turn it to ethanol).  The process requires holding the reaction with stirring at 50 degrees C and the incushaker accomplishes this easily!   Another student is studying how a species of fungus can eat up plastic, and again, this process needs a constant temperature with shaking and he was able to do so easily with the incushaker. (and it worked!).

Holding a reaction at a constant temperature with stirring was not possible for us prior to this!

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We are finding lots of ways to use the incushaker (other than its original intended purpose).   We are a high school and gaining an incushaker allows us to perform experiments at the college level. An incushaker is not normally found in a high school but it is extremely useful because it allows processes to be done at a correct constant temperature with agitation for prolonged periods and gives us the ability to conduct our experiments at a higher level.

Thank you for your support.

I attached a picture of the incushaker in action! 

Dr. Josephine Blaha