I am writing in support of Elizabeth Urbanksi as a candidate for the Holmdel Board of Education.


We are at a critical juncture at this time in the Holmdel School District. We need people who can successfully collaborate to make those decisions necessary to carry this District forward on those matters that define who we are as a District. We have always been a high performing district and we need to make certain that we continue along the path of excellence to ensure our students maintain a competitive edge upon graduation from Holmdel High School. It is imperative to elect people who will focus on the fundamental educational issues that require attention in our school district. 


We need people who are focused on making decisions based upon an evaluation of the academic performance of our district. We need people who will ensure that we are evaluating our district with comparative districts as well so that our students can maintain an edge during the college admissions process. We need people who pay attention to our rankings to avoid any negative impact upon the attractiveness of our community. We need people who will demand accountability to ensure we maintain “Holmdel Excellence.”

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Elizabeth has all those qualities necessary to be a terrific board member. She is an intelligent person, a person that is willing to fight for what is right and is not afraid to make hard decisions. Elizabeth attended Smith College and has a Masters from both NY University and Columbia University. She is a long time resident of Holmdel and her family has owned property in the township since the 1930s. She is passionate about doing what is right for our children and advocating on their behalf. I ask you to consider voting for Elizabeth Urbanski for Holmdel Board of Education. 


I am writing this as a personal statement and not as a member of the Holmdel Board of Education; thus, this should not be reflective of the opinion of the Holmdel Board of Education.