HOLMDEL, NJ - Holmdel's Republican standard-bearers may have to wait a little longer to be chosen in Holmdel, as Governor Murphy suggested on Friday, that the election date may be moved due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

President Trump is also on the ballot this year and New Jersey wants to play a big role.

The recent extension of the Democrat convention to August played a significant role in the likely date change. The convention was originally scheduled for July but has been moved to August which Murphy said gave him "a lot more flexibility" to make the primary election later than the current date of Tuesday, June 2.

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Murphy said during his press briefing on Friday that he’ll soon make a formal decision. “I’ll be stunned if we stay at June 2.” stated the Governor.

Joining Trump on the Monmouth County Republican line this year will be two candidates. They are Holmdel Board of Education President Victoria Flynn and DJ Lucarelli. Lucarelli is well known for prior ownership and operation of Dearborn Farms. They can be visited at their FACEBOOK page.

How it Works

Flynn and Lucarelli  are both endorsed by the local Holmdel Republican Party and its Chairwoman Marcy McMullen. She is the Chairwoman of the 20 member strong local Holmdel Republican Municipal Committee. The Holmdel Republican Municipal Committee comprises men and women from each of the ten voting districts in Holmdel. It is designed to provide equal representation by area and gender for the Holmdel Republican Party. It is aligned with and supported by the Monmouth County Sheriff, and Monmouth County Republican Chairman Shaun Golden.

Also running is incumbent Township Committeeman Greg Buontempo, who is serving as Mayor for 2020. Buontempo is seeking reelection. He is running with newcomer Ron Emma. Both are employed in corporate sales positions. You can hear Buontempo nightly as the township sends out a daily blast of automated pandemic 'robocalls' to Holmdel residents who signed up for emergencies. 

Buontempo and Emma are running in a separate column.

Flynn and Lucarelli are on the same Republican line as President Trump.

Facebook Confusion: Buontempo and Emma are supported in their campaign by former Mayor and current Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso as well as former Committeeman Mike Nikolis. They have a FACEBOOK page. The page used to be the official page years ago. It's administrators have included DiMaso, Nikolis and former Chairman Tom Scarano of Hazlet.

The  regular Republican official page  was recently launched by the official 'on the line' candidates Flynn and Lucarelli.

The 'unofficial' page is identified by its main photo which includes Buontempo, DiMaso and Assemblyman Sean Kean. Kean, an attorney who Buontempo just rehired as the municipal prosecutor on January 2 for $40,000, is recalled from charging Holmdel approximately $60,000 in 2019 as the lead investigator in various allegations made by Buontempo, Pascucci and Nikolis against the former Township Administrator, Human Resources Director, 2019 Mayor Hinds, and current Township Committeeman Thomas Critelli. 

The voters will be able to make their choices soon but the date is not yet known.